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November 2007 Newsletter

Dear Lincoln Table Members:
            Wow just as promised the Halloween party was the must attend party of the year. Jim Mundy gave a guided tour of the Woodland Cemetery and the League members and founders buried there. Very interesting and thirst provoking. So after about an hour of that, it was off to the mansion for some partying. 30+ members and guests, most in costume, made for a raucous party. Hilary arrived with Dick Cheney, who was carrying a shotgun. I guess he was taking Hilary out for some skeet shooting. A de-masking revealed Jeanne Prim with guess who? A second Hilary arrived with Spiderman, who spent his time skulking around the trees. When he couldn’t climb anything we discovered it was only Chris Gleeson with fake muscles. Hilary was Bonnie, of course. Both Hilarys were about 25lbs too light to really look like the candidate. Elvis strutted in with Miss Blueberry. I didn’t get the connection, and still don’t, even after Pam Vockel, looking delicious as Miss Blueberry tried to explain. Stu, of course was Elvis, who never left the building. Sharon Pettit was a glamorous witch to go with glamorous Jeff as “The Donald”. Anne Martinez, on the other hand was more your wicked witching type to go with Joes’ Pirate (?). Roger and Marion channeled Roy and Dale but left Trigger home with a sitter. Sandy and I did the Fred and Wilma bit, but brought our T REX pet along. Amanda Lupke was gorgeous as a 20s era starlet. All Mark needed was a Pith Helmet and riding crop to be her directorial muse. Milt Moser and Maryanne were like many happy to be in a mask or Halloween shirt or some such seasonal attire. A truly hilarious time was had by all.                            
             Many table members followed the Halloween party with the Fall Ball the next weekend. We filled more than three tables of table members in Lincoln Hall and more downstairs. It was a night that ran late into the morning for some partygoers. An elegant event as only the Union League can do.
1.      Annual Meeting: Monday, December 10, 2007 our annual Holiday lunch and business meeting. Cocktails at 11:30 PM, by signature, Lunch 12:15
     Chicken Marsala at $44.00, wine on the house.
                  Nominees: Joe Prim for President, Mark Lupke, Secretary –Treasurer,
                  Management Committee Members, three year term Greg Montanaro;
                  2 yrs Betsy Fineburg; 1yr Spencer Manthorpe.
2.      Holiday Party: Wednesday, December 12, 2007. Cocktails 6:00 to 7:00 PM by signature in the Lincoln Memorial room. Carolers will lead us to dinner ($55.00) at 7:00PM in the Meade Room.   Then we will enjoy carols, both amateur and professional, good food and great friends. You all know what a great event this is, so put it on your calendar.
3.   Events in the planning stage are a proposed trip to a Lincoln Museum in Manchester, Vermont, another visit to the Ballet, and a late July potluck at the Manthorpe’s in Glenmoore.
To register for any or all of these events please contact Arin Kahan in the Activities Department. Her phone number is (215) 587-5565 or you can email her at [email protected]. Keep in mind if you want to sit with Lincoln Table People you must tell them that when registering.
In no certain order we note the following:
        Barbara and Bob Ryan were highlighted in the Inquirer on October 10, Co- chairing Main Line Health Heart Center’s 2007 Leadership Award event. Richard and Bernadette Furia were featured in the November Main Line Today “scene” at the United Negro College Fund, fund raiser. Paul and Jane Heintz made the December Issue attending the University Museum’s Treasures of the Silk Road exhibit.
         With much personal sadness I report the loss of new table member Ralph Sando. He was a terrific guy as well as an excellent eye doctor, and left us much too soon. We hope Joyce will take advantage of her widow’s privileges and stay active in the table.  
Suzanne Fairlie and Cailin Langan are welcomed to the table and we hope to see them at many functions.
        Brad Mills proposes David Barol MPP, CFP, CLU and ChFC for membership in the table (MLT). A UVA and Harvard grad he lives in Bala is married and has two daughters. Currently employed as Associate Regional Director for Penn Mutual.  
Rich Pagano was proposed by Greg Montanaro. He was born in Huntingdon Valley and attended Saint Joseph's University. He has been with L.F. Driscoll for roughly 3 years. Rich lives in Center City with his wife, Stacie Lauren (Crumbling) Pagano.
Catherine Ward has been proposed by Diane Semingson. She is a Chicago native who moved here with her husband in 1985. She has been a League member since 2003 and is active in the League as well as the community. Cathy graduated from Western Illinois University and has an MBA from DePaul. She works for BNY Mellon as a VP in sales.  Cathy, Rich and David will become members unless we hear from someone to the contrary within 30 days.
        NOTE: This the time of year when we think about giving to the Lincoln Foundation. We have won the award, for donations to the Foundation, every year since we created it. This year confidential sources indicate that the Benson Table is mounting a campaign to take it away. Now is the time for all good Lincoln tablites to step up and give to maintain the award. The Management Committee has chosen to restore PSYCHE the sister sculpture to Esmeralda which we restored last go around. The cost is estimated at $28,000.00 a goal we can reach given our past contribution history. Keep this goal in mind in your end of year charitable contribution planning.           
            SALEThere are still a limited number of Lincoln Table Throws (blankets to you designer challenged) available for purchase at $30:00 a throw. They really are attractive and warm and cuddly. Hatman Rick Ackourey has the throws as well as hats and will be at the annual Meeting... Nancy Pignotti has Lincoln ties both silk and polyester, 4 in hand and bow, you tie or pre-tied.               
Joe Prim President  
Mark Lupke Secretary -Treasurer            Spencer A. Manthorpe           
Management Committee:
Spencer Manthorpe, Betsy Fineburg & Greg Montanaro        Newsletter Editor               
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