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February 2008 Newsletter

Dear Lincoln Table Members:
            The table had an excellent holiday season. At our annual meeting we disposed of business quickly and enjoyed table comraderie for the majority of the time we had together. Joe Prim was reelected President, Mark Lupke Secretary/Treasurer, Greg Montanaro earned a three year term on the management committee, Betsy Fineburg a two year term and yours truly will serve his final year, with time off for good behavior.
            Our Holiday dinner was the usual wonderful evening with good food and good music, before during and after dinner. The carolers made a joyful noise and so did we singing the Twelve Days of Christmas with our usual verve and silliness. Now it is the New Year and have we got plans for you.  Save the following dates for 2008.   
1.    Club Table Ball: “Hooray for Hollywood”  This annual event, this year on March 1, 2008, should be a super event because it is being planned and run by our own President Joe Prim and Past President Mike Trendler. Those are two reasons for the whole table to show up and support them. Come on guys and dolls. Our theme is “Gone with the Wind”. Let us pack the place and show every one how the best table in the League supports its own.
2.     Golf Outing:  May 10th at Bala Golf Club. Pick your foursomes now and let Greg Montanaro or Ken Wortley know of your interest. Non golfers can join the players for dinner at the Country Club afterward. Details later.
 3.     Ballet:  June the 6th, Opening night with dinner at the Philadelphia Club before the Ballet. Times and prices will come later. It is a new ballet to Philadelphia Titled Carnival of the Animals, with (Schedule permitting) John Lithgow narrating: a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is limited to 40, so sign up as soon as you get the details.
  4.      Pot Luck Party: Our usual family outing, this year at the Manthorpe’s. Bring the kids and a pot of something on Saturday July 19, 2008. We will pick a time later and details on what you can bring to show off your culinary skills. Swimming for all, but you are your own kids lifeguards.
 5.     Shore Outing: Homer and Marjorie Smith have invited us to their shore house on the bay in Loveladies LBI on September 13th 2008. The added attraction to this invitation is that Homer and Marjorie also own a house in Brant Beach just off the Ocean. Those who want to do some ocean bathing are welcome to use it.   In addition the Smiths are thinking about allowing overnight stays in the Brant Beach house, which holds lots of people, that weekend.
 6.    Robert Todd Lincoln’s House: October 10-12, 2008. A Lincoln Table run excursion to Hildene, Robert Todd Lincoln’s House near Bennington Vermont which will include an opportunity to stay at the Equinox Resort. We have 15 rooms reserved starting at $ 449.00 per night with a 3 day minimum. Other rooms will be available at nearby motels and B&B’s. This trip will also be offered to the Pepper Patrons, so act promptly if you want one of the reserved rooms.  Reservations for the rooms must be made through the Equinox (mentioning the Union League’s Lincoln Table) or the alternative sites with registration also with the League.   There will be a Saturday Dinner at the resort and a Sunday Brunch at Hildene with a private tour with the director.  Hawking (hunting with hawks) will be available as a demonstration, a beginner’s lesson or an actual hunt. Golf and other less medieval sports are also available. More information on this will be mailed soon.
            To register for any or all of these events please contact Arin Kahan in the Activities Department. Her phone number is (215) 587-5565 or you can email her at [email protected]. Keep in mind if you want to sit with Lincoln Table People you must tell them that whenregistering.
Peggy Stock has accepted the Management Committee’s request to be a liaison with the spouses of table members who have recently lost their spouse. She will make them welcome to the table and guide them through the process of continuing their membership.
That brings to mind that some members and/or spouses may not know they are welcome to lunch at the table, either alone or together, at anytime.    
Recent club table usage counts show the Lincoln Table at 37.5% of table capacity. That meant 69 members used the table in a month where table capacity at, 8 per day, was 184. We are doing a good job with attendance, but could do better. Why not come out and enjoy the fun.  Len DiStasio where are you?  People keep asking?
 Briefly noted in the Inquirer business section, 12/31, Joe Prim was made Assistant Treasurer of the Philadelphia Bar Association. He was already on the Board. While on the subject Joe was put on the League’s Committee on Admissions, and made chairman of the Club Table Committee. He also has a new job as a model, didn’t he look great on the cover of the Banner? More info, Greg Montanaro was elected to the League Board and Paul Heintz was appointed Chairman of the Admissions Committee, continuing a long Lincoln Table tradition.
   Bobbe Gohn had an interesting year: she married George S. Day, a Wharton School Professor, moved to his house in the Burbs, and broke her leg. It was nice to see her so chipper at lunch at the table the other day.
I regret the fact that Brad and Sandra Mills were overlooked in the report on the Halloween party. This is what the newsletter said before the editing gremlins got to it. Brad and Sandra Mills posed a mystery. They were dressed in orange jump suits from the Eastern State Penitentiary with small broken breakfast cereal boxes attached here and there. Who were they? The answer, to be revealed in this newsletter, was “serial killers”.
Joe Prim President    
Mark Lupke Secretary -Treasurer                         Spencer A. Manthorpe           
Management Committee:   Spencer Manthorpe,     Newsletter Editor
Betsy Fineburg & Greg Montanaro
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