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October 2010 Newsletter




                                                                                                October 2010



Dear Lincoln Table Members:


            It has been a while since the last newsletter but I haven’t forgotten you.  You are, I’m sure, hungry for news of the table and its members.  First in line is a big thank you to Carol and Jack Asher for hosting a party at their place in Avalon for table members. From the wave riders to the pool and bar there was something for everyone.  My sources report that every body (they tell me 70 people) had a great time. Thanks Jack and Carol for another successful event at your place.




1.         FALL BALL, NOVEMBVER 6, 2010.  This may be sold out by the time you get this letter. If not, sign up to join all the other Lincoln Table members going to the ball.  If you are signed up and want to join other table members you must inform the Activities Office (215) 587-5565 [email protected].


2,         ANNUAL MEETING & ELECTION OF OFFICERS, December 13, 2010. 

Details will follow but put it on your calendar now.


3.         HOLIDAY PARTY December 15, 2010.  The usual merry event with lots of fun and singing. The Christmas bells will be there.  Again mark your calendars now; there are lots of competing events at this time of year so get us on that calendar promptly.  





            Lanny and Ann Patten are pictured in the March 17 Main Line Suburban Life.  They were attending the Annual Washington’s Birthday party for the Sons of the Revolution.  Also attending and pictured was our President Brad Mills. The same paper on May 5, 2010 carried a picture of Jane Heintz helping prepare for the America Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge Brunch.  Kristine and Jason Lisi are shown in their garden party finest at the Azalea Garden Party of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in the May 19, 2010 Main Line Suburban Life.  Lanny and Ann Patten again appears in that paper on July 19th attending the “Sons” annual 4th of July bash. Not many of you saw the picture of Betsy Fineburg appearing in the Fall Catalog of Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont.  She is shown with the other Trustees of Bucks County Community College wearing a Bow Tie in honor of their normally bow-tied President. Finally but not certainly least important is a picture most of you probably saw in the current Banner of Jimmy Midkiff, son of Kyle and Roger. Jimmy is to be congratulated on completing his Eagle Scout project.  His parents are to be congratulated for getting him there.             

            Table attendance has picked up as the fall activity season gets into full swing.  I find it easy to avoid that alone at the table syndrome, by e-mailing several folks in advance.  Haven’t seen some one in a long time, set up a meeting at the table with a couple of days notice.   Looking forward to seeing you there.


            We are approaching the end of the year when many people make their charitable contributions.  Keep in mind our usual Modis Operendi of making contributions to the Lincoln Foundation to continue our table project of restoring the art work of the league.  In addition please, if you haven’t already, make a contribution to the Heritage fund.   Any amount will do.  The fund is pushing for100% contributions from members.  At the first wall signing party I saw a good number of our members who have already made their contributions, please join us.


            Finally a great big HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY TO ROGER ARNOLD



Brad Mills President                                                                                                                           Kyle Midkiff Secretary –Treasurer                                                     Spencer A. Manthorpe           

Management Committee                                                                      Newsletter Editor

Greg Montanaro, Mike Trendler                                                                                    

and John Asher.


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