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2005 - Present

The Historian did not attend the Open House on January 1, 2005 but 2500 people did go. This included members, guest and children.

Eugene Arnold, President of the Lincoln Table 1984-1988, died on January 22 at the age of 82. Gene was a bomber pilot in World War II with 30 missions over Germany and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Gene was a partner and owner of Hopper Soliday brokerage firm. He was Chairman of the National Association of Security Dealers in the 1970's.

Gene was at the Table for lunch every day from 1979 to 1994 when he retired from the securities business and resigned from the Union League. He will be remembered for his good humor and numerous stories and jokes.

Lincoln Table members, Spencer Manthrope, Bill Suplee, Blaine Stock, Bob Graves, Ed Boyer, Rob and Roger Arnold honored Gene at his funeral service and Waynesborough Club lunch following the service at Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli.

On January 29 the 148th Academy Ball was held at the Academy of Music and the Bellevue Hotel, Joe and Jeanne Prim hosted at party at the Union League prior to the concert.. The guests included the Furis, Camiels, Giordano, Asher, Vockels, Phelans, Bosias, Julie O'Brien, Lupkes, Greg Montanaro, and the Arnolds. The Prim party complete with a musical ensemble, open bar and hors d'oeuvres is always great fun. The Historian always tells Joe that it's a good thing he makes a lot of money as he sure spends it freely on his friends.

The Lincoln Table turnout at the Academy Ball was substantial. On the corporate first- floor were Catharine and Anthony Clinton with the Comcast Group. In the Clover Room the Prim table with the Furias, and Camiels, and on the twelfth floor, Conservatory Room, the Lincoln Table Group consisted of the Jack Ashers, The Vockels, the Giordanos, the Phelans, and the Roger Arnolds. At an adjacent table sat Jeff McFadden, the Manager of the Union League and Julie and Blake Christoph. At the Young Friends of the Orchestra room were Jeff Watkinson, Mark Lupke, Charles Keates, Greg Montanaro, all with their wives or dates.

It was a gala evening celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Bellevue Hotel as well. The boulevard in front of the Academy and the Bellevue (now the Park Sheraton) was closed to traffic. As we exited the Academy concert eight trumpeters serenaded the guests. The Hotel was illuminated with search lights. Inside 1800 guests enjoyed the ambience of seven orchestras with selections of wines and liquor and a gourmet five-course dinner. The Arnold contingency danced the night away and we retired at 2:30AM when the music stopped. It was a night to remember.

Friday, February ll, 2005, was a gorgeous day for the Lincoln Day Parade to President Lincoln's statue. Former N. J. Governor Thomas Keane was the featured speaker. Attendees included Fran and Mike Trendler, Helen and Bill Hahn, Kristine Lisi, Len DiStasio, Ken Wortley and Chris Gleeson. Former Table President Mike Trendler said he was embarrassed by the low Table turnout. Twenty-two seats were reserved up front for the Lincoln Table and only twelve including guests were filled. Mike wrote the management committee suggesting more Table emphasis be placed on the Lincoln Day event next year.

The annual Table Party was held on March 12. The attendance over all was below what it had been in previous years. The Lincoln Table attendance was also down over previous years. For the 2005 Ball we had three tables which was down from five the previous year. The theme this year was Western. Pictures were taken of each couple as they arrived in an around a mock western Jail House. The photos were presented to each couple in a small paper frame. The Lincoln Table received the Lincoln Award again this year for their outstanding support in the area o restoration of the League's painting. The usual late night meeting for a night cap in the Old Café was joined by Sandy and Spencer Manthorpe, who were in town for the Flower Show.

On April 8, a great evening with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops arranged by table member Kristine Lisi and Donna Wiedel of the Management Committee. The party began with an elegant dinner at the prestigious Philadelphia Club arranged by Greg Montanaro and Mark Lupke. Twenty-two table members and spouses attended the dinner. Mark and Charles Keates conducted a tour of the Philadelphia Club before they departed for a formal cigar dinner at The Racquet Club. The guests were seated at the famous banquet table which was over a hundred years old. Following dinner we attended the concert at the Kimmel Center with the Pops featuring tunes of the 1940's including selections from South Pacific. The evening ended with a private Lincoln Table reception in the Green Room arranged by Kristine Lisi. Champagne and fixings were enjoyed by the guests with an appearance of Peter Nero with conversation about his career and future Pop events.

Twenty-two people were in attendance for this evening including Denise Hompe and a friend, the Kennedys, Manthropes, Mosers, Prims, Smiths, Suplees, Sweeneys, Vockels, Arnolds, Betsy Fineburg, and the Weidels.

More than 75 table members and their spouses attended the Lincoln Table reception at the home of Dr .Constantine and Mrs. Elaine Papadakis on May 14. Dr. Papadakis is President and CEO of Drexel University. Their mansion was built by a former President of the Pennsylvania railroad. Barbara Ryan, Vice President, of Drexel was instrumental in our invitation, and it was a wonderful event in the Lincoln Tables illustrious history.

Cocktails were served in the spacious patio of the mansion. The Historian mingled with a bevy of guests including the Stocks, Charlie Case, the Beckers, the Byers, (Bob is a Director of Drexel), Betsy Fineburg, the Fishers, the Furias, the Gleesons, the Grafs, the Holls, Denise Hompe, the Kochs, Lairds, new member Michelle Leonard, the Lisis, the Mills, the Monzos, the Christophs, the Pattens, the Pollards, the Prims, the Suplees, the Sweeneys, the Trendlers, the Weidels, the Vockels, Greg Montanaro and Charles Keates.

After cocktails we ventured inside the home for a sumptuous feast of hor d'oeuvres and sandwiches while enjoying the gorgeous art work and antiques in the formal reception rooms. It was a lovely event enjoyed by all in a beautiful setting with colorful azaleas and spring flowers in abundance in view surrounding the huge patio in front of the house.

About 60 of us then proceeded to St. David's Golf Club for a gala dinner hosted by Bonnie and Chris Gleeson. At the Arnold's table were the Manthropes, the Giordanos, the Fishers, the Johnsons, and the Vockels with lots of good conversation and many laughs.

The May 14 Table event was another of the Lincoln Table extra venues with great credit to President Pat Sweeney, Mark Lupke, Donna Weidel and Barbara Ryan. Thirty-five members and guest enjoyed a beautiful summer day touring Bartram's Gardens, cruising the Delaware River and then dinner at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Essington. There was a bus ride to the Gardens where there was a tour conducted by the Executive Director. The gardens were established in 1728 by John Bartram and he supplied native plants to Independence Hall, Mount Vernon and Monticello. At the conclusion of the tour the group boarded a boat for a cruise down the river to the Yacht Club for drinks and dinners. Those in attendance included: Joyce and Bob Asher, Carol and Jack Asher, Fran and Mike Trendler, Suzanne and Phil Fisher, Christina Sweeney, Pam and Stewart Vockel, Betsy Fineburg, Erin and Michael Trendler, Michelle and Patrick Kennedy, Amanda and Mark Lupke, Sandy and Spencer Manthrope, Sandra and Brad Mills, Michelle Leonard and her mother Sandra, and Greg Montanaro. Mark Lupke of the Management Committee handled the event.

On September 24 the Lincoln Table event featured a tour of the Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne with after-tour refreshments handled by Mark Lupke. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served on the patio of the handsome Philadelphia Country Club followed by a sumptuous dinner in the dining room hosted by Jeanne and Joe Prim. Twenty-nine members and spouses attended this event including the Jack Ashers, The Roger Arnolds, Michelle Leonard, the Bernard Ledieus, Pat Sweeney, the Ryans, the Stewart Vockels, the Giordanos, the Stocks, the Holls, the McCues.the Manthropes, the Wortleys, the Lupkes and the Prims. It was a beautiful sunny September afternoon and everyone had a great time proving once again the Lincoln Table with more than 130 members is among the most active Tables at the Union League.

On October 16, there was a brunch at the Franklin Inn Club and after a brief tour of the Inn the sixteen Lincoln Table members traveled to the Constitution Center for a formal Tour. Those in attendance were Anita and Bob Graves, Sandy and Spencer Manthorpe, Fran and Mike Trendler, Joan and Murray Glickman, Pat Sweeney, Sandra and Brad Mills, Erin and Michael Trendler, Kyle Ann Midkiff and her son and Julie Christoph.

The 2005 Lincoln Table annual business meeting was held in the Lincoln Memorial Room with forty-four members and guests in attendance. It was a festive occasion with the League House beautifully decorated in its holiday finery. Lincoln Table members, many sporting our trademark stove-pipe hats, enjoyed the company of old and new friends.

The luncheon began with the invocation by Reverend Philip Kreg of the Lutheran Theological Seminary followed by toasts to the President of the United States, the Union League and the Lincoln Table. President Pat Sweeney called on Chris Gleeson who introduced Joe Dubee of the Foundation Staff for a discussion of Art Restoration and the Lincoln Table's involvement. Our Table has renovated portraits of the Moorish Dancing Girl, Andrew Jackson and refurbished bronze statues guarding the Broad Street entrance. The Table's current project is the marble statue of Esmeralda and the Goat, which will cost approximately to $9000 restore.

All luncheon attendees were encouraged to fill out pledge cards to support the endeavor. At our table consisting of Peggy and Blaine Stock, Joe Prim, Chris Gleeson Dr. Gill, Charlie Case, and Robert and Roger Arnold contributed generously with approximately $2000 raised for the project.

Pat Sweeney was installed as President for the second year. Joe Prim continues as Secretary/Treasurer, with Management Committee holdovers Mark Lupke, Barbara Ryan and new member of the Committee Spencer Manthorpe elected for a three-year term. Treasurer Joe Prim remarked on the value of the Table Treasury on producing the table Directory and subsidizing various Table events held during the year. The annual dues were increased to $100. The standard chicken entrée was served accompanied by wine and a good time was had by all in attendance.

The annual Christmas party was another festive occasion enjoyed by approximately 90 members and guests. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served in our favorite room---The Lincoln Memorial with Christmas carolers. At seven we followed the chorus downstairs to the Meade room where dinner was served and the program of the evening was held.

Pat Sweeney, Joe Prim, Mark Lupke and Donna Weidel led toasts to the President of the United States, the Union League, and the Lincoln Table. Reverend Philip Greg gave the invocation. Dinner was served with a background of Christmas music. Chris Gleeson talked about the current Union League art restoration project, Esmeralda and the Goat, and the need for members' contributions to attain the goal and guarantee the Lincoln Cup for the Table. Stewart Vockel introduced the Table officers for 2006. Songbooks were handed out with a Christmas carol sing-a-long led by the chorus. The evening concluded with the rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas led by Sandy Manthrope and Jay Oberdorf with all participating.

Among those attending were the Robert Ashers, Jill Asher, Greg Montanaro, Charles Keates, Sandra and Brad Mills, The Lupkes, the Glenn Beckers, Betsy Fineburg, the Furias, the Suplees, the Gleesons, the Midkiffs, the Mosers, the Oberdorfs, the Pollards, the Prims, the Stocks, the Shepards, the Ziss, the Smiths, the Weidels, the Gallaghers, Michelle Leonard and her mother, Sandra, the DiStasios and many more. At the Arnold Table there were the Fishers, the Lisis, the Giordano and the Fishers. The successful evening concluded with the prospect of more interesting events coming in 2006.

2005 All in All was a Very Good Year. USA enjoyed a strong economic advance of four percent and now is close to full employment. Over sixty percent of the population is part of the Investor Class and two thirds of US household own their homes.

We are making progress in Iraq and Afghanistan, both liberated countries having elected parliaments and are training security forces to defend themselves. The Republican controlled Congress has not distinguished themselves in 2005 piling up financial obligations that future generations won't be able to meet. The Democrats have been naysayers and blocked everything President George W. Bush has proposed. The Dow ended at 10717 and the NASDAQ 2205. Down some for the year but All in All a pretty good year.

New Year's Day. January l, 2006, the historian did not attend. The Open House at the League has become a huge event with more than 2000 members, guests, and kids. This is too much congestion and confusion for this old timer.

Lincoln Day 2006 was a big day for the Union League and the Lincoln Table. It was a beautiful day, cold (about 30 degrees), clear. The historian and wife, Marion, arrived at ll AM attending a reception in the Lounges with the Lincoln Foundation Founders donors. Also attending were Lincoln Table members, Jack and Carol Asher, Bob and Joyce Asher, Betsy Fineburg, Howard Aaronson and Rob Arnold. Hardy attendees went out on the balcony and stairs of the League entrance to hear the Gettysburg Address, the festivities with a 21 gun salute and the Gray's Fife and Drum Corp.

The program in Lincoln Hall including the Parade of Colors, the Union League glee club, and a toast to President Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday anniversary was celebrated. The League's President Frank Giordano introduced the speaker, Senator Rick Santorum, awarding him the Lincoln Statue of theUnion League, who gave an excellent speech of the relevancy of President Lincoln's Problems in the four-year long Civil War and the current struggle that President George W. Bush faces in the current war on terrorism. Senator Santorum contended it should properly be called the War on Radical Muslims.

The Lincoln Table's members and guests included attendees Kyle and Roger Midkiff, Christine and Jason Lisi and their two small children, Bill Suplee, Greg Montanero, Michelle Leonard and Sandra. At our table were Joe Prim, Stewart Vockel, Al Schwacke, Mike Trendler, Betsy Fineburg. Roger, Marion and Rob Arnold, Rev. Philip Krey and the President Lincoln impersonator. At other tables were the Jack Ashers, and Robert Ashers along with Union League officials and Senator Santorum. It was an excellent affair and enjoyed by all participants.

The Club Table Ball was held on March ll, 2006 on an unseasonably warm night. This year's theme was Up, Up & Away. The Lincoln Hall and the reception area were designed to look like an airplane boarding area. Prior to dinner a toast was offered in Honor of Peggy and Blaine Stock, as he was too ill to attend. Dinner was not well received by many as the menu was strange to say the least.

The Lincoln Table was awarded the wine for having the largest attendance, 41 members. The Table also received the Lincoln Award for contributing the most, over $13000 for the Restoration of art work at the League. Members in attendance were: M/M Daniel Ansa, M/M Robert Asher, M/M John Asher, M/M Glenn Becker, M/M Leonard Distasio, Ms Betsy Fineburg, M/M Patrick Kennedy, Rev./M Joseph Laird, M/m James Larkin, M/M Mark Lupke, M/M Brad Mills, M/MGeoff Shepard, M/M Homer Smith, M/M Michael Trendler, Jr., M/M Michael Trendler, IV, M/M Stewart Vockel, M/M Paul Withers, M/M Jonathan Ziss, M/M Patrick Sweeney, Table President.

On April 21, 2006, 27 members of the Table met at the Philadelphia Club for an Elegant dinner arranged and hosted by Mark Lupke of the Management Committee. The dinner began with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the reception lounge. Attendees including Howard Aaronson and Ellie Haupt, Jill and Joyce Asher, Ed and Amy Borer, Dan and Linda Butler, Darrell and Julia DeMoss, Betsy Fineburg, Chris and Bonnie Gleeson, Murray and Joan Glickman, Bernard and Susan Ledieu, Milton Moser and Maryanne, Joe and Jean Prim, Greg Montanero, Charles Keates, Roger and Marion Arnold, and our hosts Mark and Amanda Lupke. After cocktails the group proceeded upstairs to dinner in the elegant dining room seated at the long table with blazing candelabra and gleaming silver. The dinner impeccably served by the male staff was delicious and enjoyed by all.

The party then proceeded to the Academy of Music where we attended a superb performance of the Midsummer's Night Dream by the Philadelphia Ballet. Mark Lupke is a member of the Ballet's Board of Directors and he arranged the event. Including in the evening's event was a brief lecture by the ballet director at dinner and at intermission a reception in the Ormandy Lounge and visit to the backstage. The performance of the Ballet group was excellent and many of us not frequent attendees to the ballet were impressed with the athleticism and the beauty of the scenes. Congratulations to Mark Lupke and the Management Committee for another successful Lincoln Table night on the town.

On Sunday, June 4, 29 members of the Table met on the grounds of the Art Museum. Prior to viewing the Wyeth exhibit, we had a brunch which was beyond expectations. We proceeded to the exhibit which was extensive The collection was intended to provide a perspective of all of Wyeth's works from the 1930s when he was an apprentice to his father, N. C. Wyeth, to the present day. Most of the paintings were of everyday life as Wyeth viewed it. The backdrop for all of the paintings was in Chadds Ford,PA or the Wyeth summer home in Maine.

Among the attendees were, M/M Joseph Prim, and children, M/M Patrick Sweeney, M/M Jay Oberdorf, M/M/ Roger Midkiff and son, M/M Joe Martinez and guest, Dr. Robert Gill, M/M Mike Trendler, M/M Stewart Vockel and their daughter, M/M Jonathan Ziss, M/M Spencer Manthorpe, M.M. Christian Hoechst, and M.M Bernard Ledieu.

On June 10, a small group of Lincoln Table members enjoyed the hospitality of Robert and Barbara Ryan at their spectacular new home and gardens in Gladwyne. The weather was cool but lovely after several days of showers and the party was outside on the terrace. The gardens rivaled those of many famous estates. Barbara greeted as we strolled by Bob's red-sporty convertible and then on to several terraces framed by a lovely pool that flowed over a ledge into a waterfall.

Guests included Patrick and Christine Sweeney, Lee and Melisa Koch, Brad and Sandra Mills, Betsy Fineburg, and new member, Helen Bosley, Chris and Bonnie Gleeson, Diane Symington, Carol Pappas, Bruno and Suzanne Giordano, Stewart Vockel, Marion and Roger Arnold. Some of the dinner plans following the Ryan Party included Diane and Carol attending a dinner dance at Sunnybrook Golf Club where their husbands were involved in a member-guest outing. The Giordanos hosted a dinner party at the Philadelphia Country Club with guests Stewart, Roger and Marion. It was a lovely evening and we most appreciated the Ryan's hospitality.

On July 29, a small band of faithfuls journied to Atlantic City for a fabulous cruise and dinner. Light Snacks and hors d'oeuvres were served as well as an open bar. A special treat provided by nature and a captain was the unexpected viewing of large schools of blue-bottle dolphins which surrounded our boat, leaping in and out of the water following the boat's wake. We had dinner at the Flying Cloud Café which offered crab cakes, chicken marsala or prime rib. The Café had a great number of caps hanging from the rafter and Marion Arnold added a Union League Yacht Club hat to the collection.

Those attending this fun event were Fran and Mike Trendler, Michael Trendler, Chris and Pat Sweeney, Susan and Bernard Ledieu, Judith and Ed Camiel, Bernadette and Rick Furia, Milton Moser and Mary Ann, Anita and Bob Graves, Bonnie and Chris Gleeson, Stewart Vockel, and Marion and Roger Arnold.

Stewart, Marion and Roger were ready for more fun and action visiting the various casinos. The most fun of all was at the Borgata Casino with a young crowd listening to terrific jazz----too loud for conversation but most enjoyable. Thanks to Pat for arranging the cruise; it was a terrific party.

Blaine Stock, a long-time member and friend, passed away on August 2, 2006. Blaine was President of the Table in 1990-91 and 1995-96. Members turned out in force, many wearing Lincoln ties to honor our departed friend. Blaine was a special person who loved life and lived large with his wife Peggy of forty-eight years, his family, his friends and the Union League. A member of the League for forty-three years where he was on the Admissions Committee for ten years.

The Memorial Service at the Church of the Open Door was a fitting tribute. Rev. George Gunn, Blaine's friend of thirty years, gave the Eulogy and many interesting details of Blaine's life in Christian activity. The reception was held after the service where Peggy, sons Bruce and George and family greeted friends. Lincoln Table members and spouses attending included the Graves, Trendlers, Ashers, Beckers, Vockels, Mills, Prims, Mosers, Larkins, Martinez, Manthorpes, Arnolds, as well as Charlie Case, Bill Suplee, Ross Feehrer, Al Schwacke, Betsy Fineburg, Robert Arnold, and Table President Pat Sweeney.

September 6 was a night to remember in the Table annals, mid seventy temperature, with 64 attending the outdoor party at Pam and Stewart Vockel's home in Newtown Square. The Manthorpes co-ordinated the food selections of the potluck dinners and the combination of items was delectable. The historian who is especially partial to bean delicacies was impressed with Sandra Leonards' delicious butterbean and bacon selection among others including desserts that were scrumptious.

The adults enjoyed the libations and hors d'oeuvres, served by two young ladies from the League's staff, while ten young future League members cavorted on the swings and kids games. Young Augustus Arnold, Rob's 8 year old, brought the tree rope down with a resounding crash and went around the rest of the evening with an ice pack on his behind.

Among guests enjoying the evening were the Beckers, Butlers, Ross Feehrer, Kennedys, Larkins, Lisis, Mark Lupke, Manthorpes, Martinez, Hills, Mills, Milton Moser and Mary Ann, Chistophs, Leonards, Larkins, Rob Arnold's family, and Marion and Roger Arnold. A great evening was enjoyed by all of the Vockel's guests with the promise of more family potluck festivities to come.

Fire and Ice was the theme for the November 4, 2006 Fall Ball. Thirty-two members turned out for a gala evening. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and other light fare was abundant on two floors, the North Marble Room featured a raw bar with flaming decor and Lincoln Hall with its Ice decorations served crepes of all varieties. The cocktail time provided ample time for socializing with Table members and friends. As often is the case in recent years, the cocktail hour cuisine was much better than the dinner served. Desserts were served in various areas and orchestras played the night away. There were about forty Table members in attendance for this gala.

On December 1, 2006, the 35th Gold Metal of the Union League was presented to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. It was an extremely patriotic affair with great pomp and circumstances with many military personnel present. The reception was in the Lincoln Memorial and Library Lounge, the ceremony and speech by the Secretary to packed audience in Lincoln Hall and an excellent dinner was served in the Marble and Meade rooms. The historian was surprised that so few Lincoln members attended. At our Table were Jane and Paul Heintz, Christian and Jeanne Hoechst, Mary Holl and Marion and Roger Arnold. Other Table members attending were the Shepards, the Smiths, and Brad Mills.

On December 11, The Lincoln Table annual meeting was held where forty members attending enjoyed the companionship of those not regularly seen at the Table luncheons. The meeting was chaired by outgoing President Patrick Sweeney. Business conducted included a change in the Table bylaws to appropriately memorialize deceased members who had contributed greatly to the Table's business. Also included was an amendment to consider Table membership for spouses of deceased members.

Joe Prim was unanimously elected Table President for 2007. Mark Lupke becomes Secretary-Treasurer, Spencer Manthorpe remains on the Management Committee with Greg Montanero and Betsy Fineburg joining as new members of the Committee.

Among members attending Diane Semingson, candidate for League President in 2006, Walter Gallagher, 94, the oldest member, who stills drives his car into town. At the historian's table were Milt Moser, Bruno Giordano, Homer Smith, Robert Arnold and Walter Gallagher. Noted by his absence was Charles Case who missed his first annual meeting in thirty years due to a leg problem.

On December 13, the Table Christmas Party for members, spouses and guests was held with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the Lincoln Memorial Room and dinner in the Meade Room. The setting was festive with a large projection screen showing table activities during the year showing close ups of members produced by Mark Lupke. The Paul Grafe carolers rendered carol in the background but could barely be heard above the din of the conversation of the happy participants.

The carolers led the way downstairs to the Meade room for diner. There were about 56 persons attending this function. Toasts to the President of the US, the League, and our Patron Saint Abraham Lincoln. Rev. Kreg gave the invocation at which outgoing President Pat Sweeney presented the new President Joe Prim, who then introduced his management team. Joe then presented gifts to our South Marble room waitresses Niame and Valerie. After a delicious dinner the Grafe carolers and the Table 12 days of Christmas was our entertainment. Added this year also was the duo of Charles Keates and Greg Mantanero who are part of the singing Orpheous Society.

The year 2006 ended with the Dow at an all-time high of 12460 up 16% and the NASDAQ at 2414 up 9 l/2%. The best year on Wall Street since 2000.

The Democrats won a narrow victory in the House and a one vote victory in the Senate. President George W. Bush was beleaguered by adverse sentiment on the Iraq War. He was forced to change Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Mr. Gates and the electorate is divided on the future course of strategy in Iraq.

President Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the U.S., died at the age of 93 on December 26. There were six days of memorable services in his honor.

Roger Arnold resigned as Historian of the Table after twenty-six years and Michael Trendler assumes the job of January l, 2007.

The Spring event on June 2, 2007 was at Diane Semingson and Craig Lewis' beautiful home on the Delaware River in Bucks County. The evening was spectacular with a slight breeze from the water cooling off Lincoln Table members and guests on a hot night in land.

Forty-five guests enjoyed a guided tour of the grounds and gardens of Andulsia, the ancestral home of the Biddle Family. Roseneath, Diane and Craig's beautfully restored home is very impressive with a spacious interior, five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The sweeping lawn lined with mature, well-lighted trees leading to the river, was the scene of our cocktail party and dinner. Museum Caterers of the University of Pennsylvania Archeology Museum provided the food which was abundant and delicious.

Guests included, the manager of the Union League, Jeff McFadden and his wife, the Arnolds, Ashers, Helen Brosley, Betsy Fineberg, Fischers, Furias, Gleesons, Hills, Hoechsts, Denise Hompe, Kregy's, Lairds, Larkins, Lupkes, Lises, Manthorpes, Merions, Midkiff, Mills, Mosers, Christophs, Prims and Vockels.

The bar was well-stocked and manged by our handsome bartender and Table Treasurer, Mark Lupke and his wife, Amanda , took many pictures of the evening's events. A Beautiful night, interesting people, great food and drink. If you weren't there you missed one of the very best Lincoln Table events in recent history. Our many thanks to Diane and Craig for a memorable evening.


As the newly appointed Lincoln Table Historian I would be remiss in not acknowledging, on behalf of all Lincoln Table members, the faithful work done by my predecessor Rodger Arnold.

Roger has served in the post of Table Historian for over a quarter of a century. It is doubtful that this writer or any who follow will ever approach that length of service or dedication.

Michael F. Trendler, Jr
Lincoln Table Historian

January 1, 2007. The day dawned unseasonable warm but very wet. The League had scheduled the annual open house with almost 2000 reservations. A centerpiece of the day is the annual Mummers Parade up Broad Street with a performance in front of the League House. The Parade had to be postponed until the following Saturday because for the very poor weather. Inside the festivities continued with a buffet dinner, music and dance. Many Lincoln Table members were in attendance.

February 12 The annual Lincoln Day celebration was held with an outstanding attendance. The Lincoln Table filled three tables, with over 30 members. President Joe Prim stressed, in recent newsletters, the need to have a strong attendance and the membership responded. A number of the table members also participated in the march to the Lincoln statue on Kelly Drive for the laying of a memorial wreath.

March 2 The Activities Fair was attended by 800 members and guest. The purpose of the Fair was to introduce members to activities and club tables. The entire second floor of the League House was full of information booths and food stations. Every table was represented. The Lincoln table was in the Library Lounge in front of the massive bust of Abraham Lincoln. President Joe Prim and Mark Lupke presented three panels with large photos of previous outside events showing Lincoln Table members at various locations.

Joe Prim, Betsy Fineburg and Roger Arnold manned the booth with help from Brad Mills. Lincoln Table members who visited the booth included, Ross Feehrer, Tina Aberaout, Denise Hompe, Joe Laird, Spence and Sandy Manthorpe, Merion Arnold and Milton Moser.

The food stations were a big attraction with a variety of Mardi Gras favorites being served, in keeping with the Fair theme.

March 10 the Club Table Ball. This year’s event was Co-Chaired by Lincoln Table members Mike Trendler and Joe Prim. The theme was Land of the Pharaohs. All who attended, over 200, had a wonderful time. Reverend Joseph Laird, a Lincoln Table member offered the blessing. Our Table was awarded champagne as we had the largest attendance, over 40 members and spouses. The Table also won the Lincoln Art Restoration Award for the fifth straight year.

Some of our members in attendance included, the Asher’s, Jack, Bob and John and spouses, the Vockels, Prims, Trendlers, Mike Jr and Mike III along with their spouses, Lairds, Pattens, Roger Arnold, Betsy Fineburg, Manthorpes, Ross Feehrer and guest, Kennedys, Smiths, Gleesons and Sweeneys.

William Z. Suplee III It is with great sadness that I must report the sudden death of Bill Suplee. Bill and Ann joined the Lincoln Table in 1996 by way of a merger with the Union League Table. Bill was an active member of the Table and a member of the Management Committee for several years. During his term he was responsible for planning a memorable cruise on the Delaware and wonderful tour of the Fairmount Park Houses during the Christmas time.

This writer remembers Bill calling in a panic to cancel the river boat cruise because of a rain storm only to find that it was the following week. Ann said “I told him it was next week.”

Even at age 77, at the time of his death, Bill was in his office at Willow Financial every day and at lunch on Monday at the League, usually with his good friend Charlie Case. He was a skilled do-it-your-selfer and even built his own house when he was younger.

30 of our members and spouses attended Bill’s memorial service, including his good friend and table member Charlie Case who is 96 years old. The Paoli Presbyterian Church was filled to overflowing. Bill was put to rest in the church’s memorial garden.

Bill will be missed by all, God bless him.

April 20. The Table arranged for a group visit to the King Tut Exhibit at the Franklin Institute. The Exhibit is visiting a limited number of cities in the U.S. and provides a close up look at the items found in the boy kings tomb. Our group numbering 38 members and guest toured the exhibit and returned to the League for a wonderful private dinner in the South Marble Room. The dinner was excellent. Served was salad, filet mignon, along with stuffed shrimp, vegetables and dessert. The exhibit and dinner for the bargain price of $90.00.

Those in attendance included, Ashers, Bob and John, Ross Feehrer, Betsy Fineburg, Phil Fisher, Susan Giordano, Bob Graves, Denise Hompe, Kristine Lisi, Spencer Manthorpe, Brad Mills, Lanny Patten, Mike Trendler, Joe Vignola and Stu Vockel along with 6 guests.

A special note, we were pleased to see Peggy Stock, the widow of Blaine Stock join the group.

June 2. The spring event was at Diane Semingson and Craig Lewis’ beautiful home on the Delaware River in Bucks County. The evening was spectacular with a slight breeze from the water cooling off the Lincoln Table members and guest on a hot night.

Forty-five guests enjoyed a guided tour of the grounds and gardens of Andulsia, the ancestral home of the Biddle family. Roseneath the restored home of Diane and Craig has a spacious interior with five bedrooms, seven baths. The sweeping lawn lined with mature well lighted trees leading to the river was the scene of cocktails and dinner. Museum Caterers of the University of Pennsylvania provided the abundant and delicious food.

Guest included General Manager of the Union League Jeff McFadden and his wife, the Arnolds, Asher’s, Helen Brosley, Betsey Fineberg, Fishers, Furias, Gleesons, Hills, Hoechsts, Denise Hompe, Kregys, Lairds, Larkins, Lupkes, Lises, Manthorpes, Merions, Midkiffs, Mills, Mosers, Christophs, Prims, Vockels.

July 29. Our Summer Outing this year was held at Harrah’s Chester Downs Race Track and Casino. This is a new property recently opened in Chester Pa. on the banks of the Delaware River. The race track was built with all of the modern conveniences that a race fan could want. Our member participation was only 20 people including a number of guests. Those who attended had a great time. The day was beautiful and we even had a few winners, Homer Smith for one. The day was not complete without a wonderful dinner. Members had a choice of a buffet or a sit down dinner in the dinning room. The Trendler’s, Vockel’s and Betsey Fineburg tried the dinning room and were quite pleased with the service and the menu offerings.

Others in attendance were the Manthorpes, Prims, Arnolds, Smiths and Trendlers

October 27. A Halloween Costume Party in Woodlands Cemetery was on the agenda for our fall gathering. Jim Mundy our Union League Historian gave all assembled, over 30 members and guest a guided tour of historic Woodlands Cemetery. The property was originally owed by Andrew Hamilton purchased in 1735 and was passed down in the family. Grandson William designed and built the mansion. The grounds still contain over 700 historic trees.

Once the tour was completed all moved to the mansion for refreshments and dinner. Many of those attending came in costume, Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Stu Vockel as Elvis, Chris Gleeson had fake muscles as Spiderman while Bonnie was Hilary. The Prims arrived as Hilary and Dick Chaney shotgun and all.

Jeff Pettit was the Donald and Sharon was a glamorous movie star. Roger and Marion arrived as Roy and Dale but no Trigger.

December 10. Lincoln Table Annual Meeting. Sixty Table members were present for cocktails and lunch in the Lincoln Memorial room.

President Joe Prim welcomed all new and old members and conducted a short meeting.

Joe mentioned the plans for 2008 that will be formalized early next year. Chris Gleeson mentioned the need for contributions to the Lincoln Foundation for art restoration in the name of the Table. The Lincoln Table has held the award for the most money raised since the programs inception five years ago. A strong challenge is being put forth by several tables this year. Many members offered additional subscriptions during the luncheon.

President Prim reported that finances were in fine order and reported that no positions on the management committee were open this year hence our current slate of offices would continue for another year. The meeting was closed with a reminder to attend the annual Lincoln Table Holiday Party on December 12th.

December 12. Lincoln Table Holiday Party. The Table had an excellent turnout this year for the party. Eighty members, spouses and guest attended. The reception and cocktails were served in the Lincoln Memorial room followed but a holiday dinner in the Mead room.

During the cocktail hour old photos of past activities dating back to the 1960’s were shown on a large screen for all to enjoy. Oh how times have changed. Good to see some old faces no longer with us and a laugh at some of the 60’ and 70’s fashions that we all thought were so smart at the time.

The Paul Graefe carolers lead the group from the Lincoln Memorial room to dinner while singing some of our favorite songs.

President Joe Prim welcomed all as we were seated and had grace offered followed by a round of toast. Joe mentioned members who passed away this year and presented our luncheon servers with Christmas presents.

After dinner, which was a traditional turkey dinner, the carolers presented a program of holiday music. This is the 7th year we have enjoyed this fine group which seems to get better each year.

The evening was brought to a close with the traditional singing of the 12 Days of Christmas lead by Sandy Manthorpe and Greg Montanaro. Each dinner table was assigned a day and sang their part as we worked our way through the entire 12 days.

The close of 2007 comes with the Dow Jones average at 13,266 but with a prediction of a recession in 2008. The housing market, both new starts and resale of existing houses is at an all time low. Many see financial problem for the banking and lending industry because of sub prime loans offered to borrowers, over the past five years, who are not able to make the payments long term and can not find a market for the resale of their houses

The war continues in Iraq with some progress but little sign of withdraw of our soldiers in the near future.

Next year will be a Presidential election year and the candidates are numerous at this point. On the Democrat side serious contenders are lead by the Senator from New York Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former President Bill Clinton. She has strong support within the party but is being challenged by the young African-American Senator for Illinois Barack Obama who seems to be gaining support.

On the Republican side the field is wide open. No one seems to be labeled as the front runner. Contending are Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Mitt Romney former governor of Mass. ( a personal favorite of our Table Mr. Republican, Roger Arnold ), and Mike Huckabee the former governor of Arkansas along with five others who are sure to fall by the wayside after the first few primaries in Jan and Feb.


January 1. The Union League held the annual open house with the usually large attendance. A number of Lincoln Table members and their extended families were present including the Jack Asher's. The afternoon viewing of the Mummers Parade was curtailed by the strong winds and rain that delayed the start of the parade by two hours.

The string bands did not reach the League House until late afternoon when many members had already departed.

February 12. Lincoln's 199th Birthday Celebration
The festivities started with the reciting of the Gettysburg Address by a Lincoln reenactor on the steps of the League house, followed by a twenty-one gun salute by Civil War reenactors. The weather was cold 24F with a light snow falling. Once all were assembled in the Ball Room the colors were presented and the program commenced with a short presentation of an honorary membership to the new Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

The main speaker was Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett. Mr. Corbett gave a fine presentation on Lincoln's selection of his cabinet and its unusual makeup of presidential rivals from the campaign of 1860.

The Lincoln Table was singled out by the Lincoln Foundation for having the most members in attendance this year. We will be awarded a trophy at the Club Table Ball. This is the first time in many years we received this honor beating out the perennial winner the Benson Table. Our Table had 25 members and guests present.

The march to the Lincoln statue, on Kelly Drive, stepped off in a light snow and was lead by a hardy band of Civil War reenactors and League members. All participants were invited back to the League house for refreshment after the wreath laying.

Joe Prim
Our President had the honor of appearing on the cover of a recent Banner dressed as Uncle Sam. Joe is also President of the Club Tables and in that position was calling upon all League members to join a table. Joe's call to join a table was summed up in the popular comment "Uncle Sam wants you to join a Table."

March 1. The Club Table Ball
The theme of The Ball for 2008 was "Hooray for Hollywood." The idea was for each Table to pick an old movie and have their table reflect that theme. The Lincoln table selected "Gone with the Wind ." Co Chairpersons this year were two Lincoln Table members, President Joe Prim and Past President Mike Trendler. The evening was an outstanding success. While over 50 members and guests attended we were not able to capture any of the attendance awards or the Lincoln Foundation award for art restoration. We were bested this year by the Benson Table in both cases. Brad and Sandra Mills came dressed in accordance with our theme; Sandra as Scarlet O'Hara and Brad as Rhett Butler.

Our overall attendance was impacted by several other charity events underway in the City on the same night. Overall the ball was excellent with music the entire evening and wonderful food.

March 11. Christian M. Hoechst
The Table lost a good friend and member with the sudden death of Chris on March 11, 2008.

Chris and Jeanne had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and could always be counted on for attendance at the Table social functions.

May 5. Walter B. Gallagher
It is with great sadness that we must note the passing of our good friend. Walter passed away on May 5, 2008 at the age of 95. He was one of our oldest active members. Walter enjoyed his visits to The League and was at the Table for lunch only a few weeks prior to his death. I can recall a visit to The Gallagher summer home only a few years ago. Walter and his wife Mary Jane were wonderful hosts. Mary Jane is still with us but in very poor health.

June 6. Ballet and Dinner at the Philadelphia Club
30 members and guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Philadelphia Club, 13th and Walnut Sts. prior to the ballet. Those of us who had never attended a function at the Club were very impressed with the facility and the wonderful furnishings. What a beautiful club.

After dinner the assembled group walked to the nearby Kimmel Center for the ballet. The performance featured a new ballet titled Carnival of the Animals, which featured well know actor John Lithgow narrating.

Some of those in attendance included, Ed and Amy Borer, Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe, Dianne Semingson and her husband Craig Lewis, Mike and Fran Trendler, Joe and Jeanne Prim, Milt Moser and Maryann, Howard Aaronson, Mr. and Mrs. William Heidig.

July 20. Pot Luck Party
The Lincoln Table Family Outing was held at the Manthorpe residence in Glenmoore, Pa. Spencer and Sandy opened their beautiful home again for the all day party. Swimming was available for all and the beautiful views and grounds impressed all who attended.

More than 40 members and guests spent most of the day and much of the evening at the Manthorpe's. Each time Spencer and Sandy have the Family Outing it is better than the last one. We look forward to many more.

September 13. Shore Outing
Homer and Marjorie Smith opened their home in Loveladies, Long Beach Island, NJ to the Table members for the outing. It could not have been a better day. Almost 50 people attended. The house located on the bay offered wonderful views and the evening weather was perfect. Spencer Manthorpe arrived early to set up and run the bar. Great job! Home and Marjorie arranged for a complete shore dinner served on the deck overlooking the bay. It could not have been better. The gathering was notable not only for the overall attendance, over 35 members, but that several members whom we do not see often attended.

Among those attending were, Kyle Midkiff and her son, Stu and Pam Vockel, Helen Bosley, Elizabeth Fineburg, Mike and Fran Trendler, Richard and Bernadette Furia, Ann and Joe Martinez.

December 8. Annual Meeting
This year's meeting included lunch, as usual, but as an incentive to attend the lunch was free of charge. Outgoing President proposed that since the luncheon was free that we should charge those who did not attend. Much debate followed but the matter was not resolved or voted on. The "free lunch" amendment to the by laws will need to be considered by the next administration. The financial report was provided in general terms, advising that the Table was well in the black.

The nominating committee proposed Brad Mills for President, Kyle Midkiff for Secretary/Treasurer and Mike Trendler for a 3 year term on the management committee.

With no floor nominations the proposed candidates were approved by all who attended. The other members of the management committee will be Greg Montanaro for his second year of three and Betsey Fineburg for her final year. The informal post of refreshment control officer will be passed to Rich Pagano. Thanks Mark Lupke for all of your work in this area in the past.

December 10. Holiday Dinner Party
The Holiday Dinner Party was attended by 75 members and guests. A new venue was used this year with cocktails in the Library Lounge and dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room.

As usual the affair was wonderful and brought together many of the members not often in attendance at other Table functions. Spencer Manthorpe arranged dinner and expressed that he was a bit disappointed in the overall execution. Regardless the evening was a lot of fun with our usual carolers and the singing of the Twelve Days of Christmas by all assembled.

It has been a tradition to provide a one paragraph summery of the highlights of the year as it comes to a close. The year 2008 cannot be summarized in a paragraph or in a book. Many books will be written about the happenings during this year.

As reported at the end of last year, this is a Presidential Election year. Both the Democrats and Republicans had many candidates seek the nomination. The leading Democrat candidate at the end of 2007 was Sen. Hilary Clinton of New York. She spent many years positioning herself to be the first woman candidate. Her campaign started well but faltered by early summer 2008. A little known first term senator from Illinois

Barack Obama moved to the forefront. As the months passed Sen. Clinton's support failed and by late summer Sen. Obama was chosen the Democrat candidate.

On the Republican side a clear front runner was not seen until mid summer when Sen. John McCain of Az. was selected.

Each candidate chose a Vice Presidential running mate. Obama selected Sen. Joe Biden
of Del. And McCain selected Gov. Palin, the young unknown female governor of Alaska. This selection was not supported by many of the old line members of the party.

The winner of the fall election was Sen. Obama; he becomes the first black president of the United States.

President George W. Bush leaves office with the lowest approval rating, 37, since the Watergate era.

The war in Iraq is at last in the final stages. All combat troops will be out of the country by late 2011 or sooner. The Afghanistan problems continue and will need additional support for a number of years.

On the economic front it was the worst year in the stock market since 1929. The NYSE had a high of 14000 during the year but closed the year at just over 8000.

The causes are many they include gas prices at the retail level going to $4.41 per gallon, Banks unable to make loans, banks failing, home mortgages provided to many unqualified people who unable to make required payments and outright fraud by a number of Wall Street brokers.


Newly elected President, Brad Mills, advised the Management Committee and outgoing President Joe Prim that his business will require him to be out of the country, in Dubai, UAE for up to six months. President Joe Prim in conjunction with the new Management Committee called upon former President Spencer Manthorpe to step in as Acting President until Brad Mills returns. Spencer agreed and will serve in that position.

February 5. Theater Party
The first Lincoln Table event for the year was dinner at the Oceanaire restaurant at 7th and Walnut Streets and a wonderful play about Lincoln at the Walnut Street Theater. The Walnut is the oldest continuously used theater in America. The play was a one man show written by the great American writer Walt Whitman providing his personal impressions of Abraham Lincoln. The event was attended by 25 member and guests and was arranged by Kyle Midkiff.

February 12. Lincoln Day
The Table had its usual large turnout for the annual event. This year we celebrated the 200Th anniversary of Lincoln's birth with more than 40 members attending the luncheon at the League House. At the completion of lunch our Table led the way, with the most marchers, to the Lincoln statue on Kelly Drive for the wreath laying. The day turned a bit windy during the march but Greg Montanaro and Mark Lupke did a fine job carrying our banner.

March 7. Club Table Ball
The Lincoln Table was well represented at this year's Ball. In addition to Joe Prim and Mike Trendler being Co Chairman the Table was again honored with several awards. We won the champagne for having the most members in attendance, more than four tables, and the Brodhead Cup. The Cup is awarded annually to the Table whose service to the committee on Youth Work best emulates the convictions of George M. Brodhead.

The theme this year was James Bond. Fine food was prepared by our new Executive Chef Marty Hamann, all with a James Bond theme.

Overall attendance this year was well below past years. While the economy could have had an impact, some question the Ball's relevance. A newly formed committee will study the problem over the next few months and suggest a course of action.

April 15. Lincoln Table Happy Hour
Our first Happy Hour, in many years, was held in the Old Café at the League House. We had a good turnout. About 15 members attended. Some stayed for several hours, others for one drink. The purpose was to get our members together for an inexpensive social hour or two. It seemed to work well.

Brad Mills has returned from several months in Dubai, UAE now that his business is completed. With his return he will assume the duties of the President. The Table thanked Spencer Manthorpe for his service.

May 8. Just Cars and Cocktails
On a perfect spring evening the Lincoln Table visited the new Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Southwest Philadelphia. Mike Trendler arranged for a private tour of the museum and a light dinner. Dr. Simeone conducted a tour of more than 100 racing cars ranging in age from early 1900 to late 1970's. The wide range of cars offered something for everyone.

Many members brought guest who were interested in racing. All remarked on the food provided by 12th St. Catering. We had more than 50 members and guests for the evening.

July 26. Lincoln Table Visits the Phillies
On a perfect Sunday afternoon 30 members and guest attended the Phillies baseball game. The St. Louis Cardinals a strong contender for the championship provided the opposition to our World Champion Phillies. It was to no avail. The Phillies won by a comfortable margin.

During the game our members enjoyed the Super Box located on the third base side of the field. It provided excellent views. The food and beverages added to the enjoyment of the day. We thank Greg Montanaro for arranging the event.

July 31. Barbara J. Gohn
It is with great sadness that we note the passing of this fine member. Bobbie as she was known to the members will be missed by all of us.

September 12. Eastern State Penitentiary Tour
Twenty Five hardy Table members braved the rain and very cool weather to "go to jail" for a few hours. Kyle Midkiff arranged the tour of the prison and dinner at Jack's Firehouse.

The tour was interesting and conducted in part by the head of the prison's operating company. The excellent tour of this long closed prison provided some surprises by way of a fully restored area. Additional areas will also be restored to give the visitors a better idea of how the penitentiary looked while it was in operation.

Dinner at Jack's Firehouse made up for the damp tour. The owner himself greeted our members as we arrived and directed us to an upstairs private room. Excellent service and spirits provided a great way to warm up and prepare for the wonderful dinner.

October 21. Lincoln Table Happy Hour
A small number of members attended the Happy Hour but it gave the Management Committee the opportunity to discuss with these members their thoughts for events for the Fall and Winter months as well as plans for next year. A good evening of fellowship was had by all.

December 7. Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is called each year to elect officers for the coming year and transact any other business necessary for the continuation of the Table. This year 35 members were present. Only a fair turnout considering our membership is now in excess of 125.

Outgoing Management Committee Member Betsy Fineburg asked each member or guest to introduce them selves. We hope this procedure will be followed each year.

Those present enjoyed the cocktail hour and a fine luncheon. The menu of fresh plum tomatoes over mozzarella, grilled bone in pork chop and an almond macaroon pyramid for desert was well received by all.

Brad Mills our President called for a moment of silence in memory of recently deceased member Barbara J. Gohn.

During the business portion of the meeting Kyle Midkiff our Sec/Tres reported on the status of our finances, which were found to be in excellent condition.

Michael Trendler was called upon to conduct the election of officers for 2010.

The following were elected:

  • Brad Mills, President, term one year, this is the second and final year.
  • Kyle Anne Midkiff, Sec/Tres, term one year.
  • John L. Asher Management Committee, term the first of three years.
  • Michael Trendler, Management Committee, term second year of three years.
  • Gregory Montanaro, Management Committee, term third year of three years.
  • President Mills thanked Betsy Fineburg for the three years of service on the Management Committee and closed the meeting.

December 9. Holiday Party
This year's party was attended by 60 members and guests and enjoyed by all. The day featured warm but very wet weather. The sky's cleared a few hours prior to the party.

Our cocktail hour was in the Library followed by dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room.

During the cocktail hour we were visited by the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team. He is known as the Philly Phanatic. A 7 foot tall green dragon like figure that is friendly to all. He was well received by the members and many members had their picture taken with him.

The Paul Graefe Singers returned again this year, for we believe the twelfth year. The singers provided an evening of fine Christmas music.

Dinner was Baby Arugula and Spinach Salad, Filet Mignon and Crab cake and desert of White Chocolate Mousse Bomb with Raspberry.

The evening closed, as is traditional, with the singing of the Twelve Days of Christmas, with each table singing one of the days.

Some of those in attendance were, Howard Aaronson, Bob and Joyce Asher, Glenn and Barbara Becker, Dan and Linda Butler, Dr. Bob Gill, Rev. Philip and Rene Krey, Sandy Manthorpe, Helen Bosley, Jack and Carol Asher, Peggy Stock, new members Mike and Elizabeth Useem, Mike and Fran Trendler, Stu and Pam Vockel.

Year end 2009 showed some signs of an economic recovery but overall the recession continues. Unemployment is still at a national level of 10% and much higher is some areas. The DOW reached a low of 6763 on the 2nd of March and recovered to 10428 by the last day of the year. Retail gasoline prices have started to move upward with a gallon of gas selling for almost $3.00. The increase is due to speculation not supply.

The administration continued a practice started by the Bush administration and loaned billions of dollars to manufacturing companies and some insurance companies and banks to avoid bankruptcy. The auto companies did not avoid bankruptcy. General Motors was forced to sell off all divisions except Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC Truck. The US government and the auto unions now own 80% of the company. Chrysler was sold to Fiat of Italy. Ford Motors did not need federal help.

President Obama promised many social programs during his campaign, medical reform being one of the most important. It is doubtful the country can afford a new program but the Democrat controlled Congress has voted for such a program. Details to follow in 2010.

The wars continue in Iraq and Afghanistan but an end is near in Iraq. The President has advised Iraq that all US combat troops will be withdrawn by mid 2011. Afghanistan continues to be difficult and the problems growing. Here again the US administration has advised the current government that our involvement will be limited to some date in the future but not unlimited.

The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club was again in the World Series but lost to the New York Yankees four games to two games

The Philadelphia Eagles had a record of 11-5 in the regular season but lost in the first playoff game to the Dallas Cowboys.


February 12. Lincoln's Birthday
Our first event of the year is usually the Union League's Lincoln's Birthday. This year the League had invited a member of the Supreme Court the Hon. Clarence Thomas to speak. Mother Nature had other plans. Philadelphia had a major snow storm that prevented the Justice from making his way from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia.

The sold out event had to be postponed to a later date.

February 25. Hobart "Hobie "Pollard
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Hobie Pollard. He was a long time member and participated in many events. He was a World War II vet. Hobie is survived by his wife of 59 years, Joyce and two children and four grandchildren.

February 26. Activities Fair and Open House
The Lincoln Table led by President Brad Mills participated in this event designed to make members aware of the many activities The League offers. The Lincoln Table was staffed on a rotating basis throughout the evening by Table member who explained the history of the Lincoln Table and our current activities.

March 19. Club Table Dinner Theatre
This League wide event was designed to replace the annual Club Table Ball.

Mike Trendler of our table was chairman. The event was designed to replace the Ball as attendance in recent years has been falling and recently was less than 200 attendees.

The Theatre event included a wonderful cocktail hour and an excellent dinner. The show was of a variety nature with comedy and singing of old standards. The Lincoln Table had excellent attendance but many of the other Tables did not support the program.

The League entertainment committee will need to reevaluate the event for 2010.

May 15. The Radnor Races
A new event was added to our social calendar this year. The Radnor Races draws horse lovers from a wide area for this one day event. In addition to the social aspect the competition is at a very high level. Twenty members and friends of the Lincoln Table were right on the rail for all of the events. Refreshments were enjoyed by all and a pot luck dinner was served.

July 17. The Summer Party
Jack and Carol Asher invited all Lincoln Table members and their families to their home on the bay in Avalon N.J. for an afternoon of fun and socializing followed by a gourmet dinner. 65 members and guests attended, including the Becker's, Butler's, Kennedy's, Sweeney's, Moser's, Russo's, Midriff's, Larkin's , Jack and Carol Lieberman, Betsy Fineburg, Helen Bosley, Bill Heidig and Bob and Joyce Asher.

John Asher made available their wave runners to take some of the teens for rides on the bay. The evening wasn't complete until Jack Asher served the fine Asher's Chocolate with coffee.

September 19.
This writer takes pleasure in noting the 90th birthday of active member Roger Arnold.

Many of the current Lincoln Table Members were invited to the Table by Roger, including this writer. A continued long life to this wonderful man.

December 13. Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting for 2010 had outstanding participation. Normally our attendance is 30 to 35. This year we exceeded 50 members, about half of our members of record.

Hopefully the increased attendance was to help honor two outstanding members of our Table.

Several years ago the Management Committee selected Blaine A. Stock, and DeHaven Develin as the first members to be honored for their service to the Lincoln Table.

Blaine A. Stock was President of the Table twice 1990-91 and 1995-96. I addition to his terms as President Blaine held a number of positions with the Union League and was the Table protector, defender, cheerleader and recruiter all in one. He had and will continue to have a great influence on the Lincoln Table for many years.

The plaque attached to his chair in the Founders Room reads:
Blaine A. Stock, 1930-2006
Honoring outstanding leadership and dedication to the Lincoln Table

DeHaven Develin, joined the Table in 1944 and served as President from 1950 to 1960.
He also served on the Board of the Union League twice, from 1951 to 1954 and again from 1955 to 1957. He was the first known historian of the Lincoln Table having served in that position from the late 1940's to 1984.

The plaque attached to his chair in the Founders Room reads:
Dehaven Develin, 1902-1985
Honoring outstanding leadership and dedication to the Lincoln Table

The presentation of the awards was made by Michael Trendler, a member of the Lincoln Table Management Committee to Peggy Stock, wife of the late Blaine Stock and to Jane Develin Heintz daughter of Dehaven Develin.

Officers were elected for the year 2011. They are:

  • Kyle Ann Midkiff, President. Term 1 year
  • Edward Suarez, Sec/Tres. Term 1 year
  • Jonathan Ziss, Management Committee Member. Term 3 years
    Continuing Members
  • John Asher III, Management Committee Member. Term 2 years
  • Michael Trendler, Management Committee Member. Term 1 year

It should be note that Kyle Ann Midkiff is the first woman president of the Lincoln Table.

December 15. Holiday Party
The outstanding attendance of our Annual Meeting carried over to the Holiday Party. We had more than 70 members and guests for cocktails and dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room.

The Holiday Party Committee of Kyle Midkiff and Mike Trendler selected an outstanding fare for the evening. Butlered Hors d' Oeuvres were available during the cocktail hour and a dinner of Lobster Tail and Roasted Beef Filet was served along with Vanilla Crème Brulee for desert.

After dinner a concert of Holiday songs was provided by the Paul Greafe Singers and the members finished the evening with the singing of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Some of those in attendance were Roger and Marion Arnold, John and Renee Asher, Robert and Joyce Asher, Michael and Fran Trendler, Glenn and Barbara Becker, Dan and Linda Butler, Jonathan and Victoria Ziss, Stu and Pamela Vockel, Pat and Christina Sweeney, Homer and Marjorie Smith, Milt Moser and Maryann, Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe, Chris and Bonnie Gleeson, Elizabeth Fineburg and Peggy Stock.

The year ended with the economy still a problem. While there were a few bright spots, overall we are still about the same level as 2009. Unemployment is still at the 10% level and most likely higher as many unemployed have stopped looking for employment.

President Obama promised employment would be at the 8% level but that has not happened.

The DOW however was at 6,547 on March 9th and reached 11,577 by December 31st.

The Iraq War is slowly coming to a conclusion with a promised troop withdraw in 2011. It does seem possible that we will withdraw a bulk of the troops by then.

Afghanistan however continues to require more and more troops and financial resources.

The Obama administration managed to pass a form of socialized medicine that for the most part will not have an impact for 3 to 5 years. It seems overall the voters did not want this and as a result the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and a number of seats in the Senate.

Several of the companies that our government lent money to during 2009 and 2010 seem to be improving from a financial standpoint. The hope is that the country will get paid back with a profit.

The Philadelphia Eagles made Michael Vick their new quarterback in spite of the fact that he recently served a jail term for conducting dog fights on his property. Many fans did not approve of this action.

The Phillies were again in the playoffs but did not make it to the World Series losing to San Francisco, who went on to beat Texas in the World Series.



William R. Mooney, 1935 - 1950
De Haven Develin, 1950 - 1960
J. Channing Ellery, 1960 - 1964
Charles T. Wakefield, 1965 - 1968
John A. Whitcraft, 1968 - 1969
Charles H. Howson, 1979 - 1983
Eugene Arnold, 1984 - 1988
Roger S. Arnold, 1989
Blaine A. Stock, 1990 - 1991
Daniel B. Michie, 1992 - 1993
Kenneth D. Hill, 1994
Blaine A. Stock, 1995 - 1996
Spencer A. Manthorpe, 1997 - 1998
Michael F. Trendler, 1999 - 2000
Chris Gleeson, 2001 - 2002
Stewart Vockel, 2003 - 2004
Patrick J. Sweeney, 2005 - 2006
Joseph A. Prim, 2007 - 2008
R. Bradford Mills, 2009 - 2010
Kyle Anne Midkiff, 2011


Karl Collings, 1935 - 1941
Hudson W. Reed, 1942 - 1944
DeHaven Develin, 1945 - 1956
Dudley S. Smith, 1957 - 1959
Bruce R. Allen, 1959 - 1965
Raymond Armstrong, 1966 - 1968
Charles H. Howson, 1969 - 1978
Spencer A. Manthorpe, 1979- 1983
Roger S. Arnold, 1984 - 1988
Blaine A. Stock, 1989
Harry W. Kramer, 1990 - 1996
Dianne Reed, 1997 - 1999
Edward Bantlow, 2000 -
Patrick Sweeney, 2001 - 2004
Joseph A. Prim, 2005 - 2006
Mark Lupke, 2007 - 2008
Kyle Anne Midkiff, 2009 - 2010
Edward A. Suarez, 2011



William R. Mooney, 1937-38-39, 42, 43
Hudson W. Reed, 1947 -48-49-50
DeHaven Develin, 1952-53-54, 56, 57, 58
Roger S Arnold, 1989-90-91
Paul C. Heintz, 1992-93-94 Vice President 1994-95-96
Kenneth D. Hill, 1997-98-99
Spencer A. Manthorpe, 1994-95-96
Diane Semingson, 2000-01-02 Vice President 2002-03-04
Gregory P. Montanaro, 2008 - 2011 Vice President 2011


Charles T. Wakefield, 1964 - l974
Spencer A. Manthorpe, 1982 - 1992, Chairman 1988 - 1992
Blaine A. Stock, 1987 - 1997, Chairman 1995 - 1997
Geoffrey C. Shepard, 1997 - 2002
Daniel R. Butler, 1999 - 2004
Frederick A. Tucker, 1999 - 2003
Christopher Gleeson, 2004
Kenneth D. Hill, 2004 - 2007
Paul C Heintz, 2004 - 2010
Joseph A. Prim, 2008 - 2011


Roger S. Arnold, 1983 - 1988, Chairman 1985 - 1988
Blaine A. Stock, 1984 - 1986


Paul C. Heintz, 1988 - 1994, Chairman 1990 - 1994


Paul Heintz, 2000 - 2007


February 11. Lincoln Day
The Union League presented the usual outstanding event. In addition to Civil War Reenactors and a reading of the Gettysburg Address, New Jersey Governor Chris Christy was the invited speaker. The ballroom was full and the Lincoln Table had the largest attendance of any Club Table. Some of those in attendance were, Stu Vockel, Homer Smith, Brad Mills, Denise Hompe, Kyle Midkiff, Barbara Becker, Mike and Fran Trendler, Peggy Stock, Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe, Milt Moser, Chris Gleeson and Betsy Fineburg.

April 7. Happy Hour
Our first Happy Hour of the year brought out some new faces and a number of the faithful who can be counted on to support Table activities. Our gathering was at the Old Café and those in attendance included. Chris and Kelly Erb, Homer and Marjorie Smith, Mike and Fran Trendler, Jim and Judy Larkin, Stu Vockel, Ed Suarez, Kyle Midkiff, and Jonathan Ziss.

May 10. Rose Valley Farm Garden Tour and Party
Geoff and Saundra Shepard invited the Lincoln Table members and guest to visit their Restored Arts and Crafts Manor House in Media, PA. The home and grounds offer beautiful views and take in the spectacular Peony collection. Refreshments and a light dinner were provided by a local caterer. Over 50 Lincoln Table members and friends spent a delightful afternoon and evening exploring the house and grounds.

June 8. Charles Case 100th Birthday Party
The Lincoln Table helped celebrate Charles' 100th birthday by having a luncheon at the Union League for Charles, his family and friends. The Table arranged to have a limousine provide transportation from his retirement home to the Union League and return. Upon arrival Charles was greeted by 45 Table members to a wonderful luncheon and birthday cake. President of the Union League Joan Carter joined us for lunch and presented Charles a beautiful plaque from the Union League commemorating the day. Mike Trendler acted as Master of Ceremonies and read a list of the Presidents of the United States that served during Charles' first 100 years. He also presented an extensive list of historic events that took place during the last 100 years.

July 16. Cruise on the Delaware
38 members and guest met at Penn's Landing, at the foot of Market Street, for dinner aboard the tall ship Gazela, followed by a two hour cruise aboard the restored tug boat the Jupiter. Kevin McKinney Union League member is the captain of the Jupiter. We cruised from the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Walt Whitman Bridge and back stopping at the liner United States and visited the Battleship New Jersey. Some of those in attendance were, David and Julia Barol, Philip and Rene Krey, Joe and Shirley Laird, Jason and Kristine Lisi, George and Ann Morris, Ed and Cathie Suarez, Mike and Fran Trendler, Kyle Midkiff, Johathan and Victoria Ziss, Stu and Pam Vockel, Chris and Bonnie Gleeson, Pat and Chris Sweeney, Peggy Stock, Elizabeth Fineburg, Jack and Carol Lieberman.

September 9. Picnic at the Manthorpe's
Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe invited all Lincoln Table members and their families to their home for an old fashion picnic and cook out. It was great fun for all. The weather cooperated, the pool was beautiful and the food and drink plentiful. Some of those in attendance were Jim and Judy Larkin and family, Ed and Cathleen Suarez, John and Renee Asher and family, Kyle Midkiff, Stewart and Pamela Vockel, Patrick and Kevin Sweeney.

September 16. Richard F. Furia
It is with great sadness that we record the death of Richard Furia after a long illness. Richard was only 66 years of age, a well regarded attorney who was active in numerous professional and social organizations. His charitable activities encompassed all levels of involvement. He will be missed not only by his follow Lincoln Table members but the Greater Philadelphia community.

December 12. Annual Meeting
Our year end meeting had an excellent attendance of 46 members. In addition to members a number of prospective members were guest at the meeting. Kyle Anne Midkiff called the meeting to order followed by each member rising and introducing him or herself and any guest they may have brought. The blessing and various toasts precede an excellent lunch, which was arranged this year by Jonathan Ziss. In the business portion of the meeting the Treasury Report was presented by Ed Suarez. Mike Trendler was asked to present the candidates for the 2012 Management Team. All were elected by voice vote.

2012 Management Committee:

Kyle Anne Midkiff President Second and final year
Edward Suarez Secretary Treasure One year term
Christopher Gleeson Management Committee First year of three year term
Continuing Members;    
John Asher Management Committee Final year of three year
Jonathan Ziss Management Committee Second year of three years

December 12. Union League Election
The Lincoln Table is pleased to note the election of Joseph Prim, former Lincoln Table President, to the position of Director of The Union League.

December 15. Christmas Party
Jonathan Ziss arranged a wonderful Christmas Party for The Table. Over sixty members and guest attended. Cocktails were served in the Library Lounge followed by dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room. The dinner menu included salad, a surf and turf entree and the Union League bread pudding for desert. Wine was provided and a full bar was available. Kyle Midkiff, President of The Lincoln Table introduced the toast offered by a number of former Table Presidents. After dinner we were treated to a concert of holiday music by the Paul Greafe Singers. The group surpassed past performances with an excellent selection of music both contemporary and traditional. The evening was brought to a close with the traditional singing of The Twelve Days of Christmas; each table participated by singing the words for one of the days. Some of those in attendance were Roger and Marion Arnold, Chris and Bonnie Gleeson, Mike and Fran Trendler, Dr. Robert Gill, Peggy Stock, Stu and Pamela Vockel, Pat and Chris Sweeney, Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe, Elizabeth Fineburg, Jack and Carol Asher, Howard Aaronson, John and Renee Asher, Glenn and Barbara Becker, Rev.and Mrs. Philip Krey, and Greg Montanaro.

The year 2011 ended with most of the problems reported at year end 2010 still unresolved. The economy continues to be a problem but signs of improvement are present. The DOW closed at 12,217 up from 11,577 last year. The housing situation seems to be the major negative on the overall business outlook. Many homeowners have defaulted on their mortgages as the mortgage value of their homes fell below market value. The houses are then placed back on the market at depressed prices impacting on new home construction. Banks are also reluctant to offer financing to anyone other than the very best credit risk. The retail sector noted a respectable increase in sales by year end and the unemployment rate dropped to 9% for the first time in many months. At the request of the Iraq government the United States has withdrawn all of our combat troops. This was accomplished by December 31, 2011. Relationships with the government of Afghanistan seem to be deteriorating with little real progress in eliminating the enemy. With the Republican victory in the House last year the overall government seem to be at a standstill. Neither party is willing to comprise and many important matters are not being resolved until the 11th hour, if at all. 2012 is a Presidential election year, hence a number of Republicans have announced their desire to run for the office. The most prominent candidates are: Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Ron Paul Representative from Texas. In local sports the Phillies won the most games in franchise history, 102, winning the Eastern Division of the National League. The team lost the first round of the playoffs to the Saint Louis Cardinals who went on to win the World Series over the Texas Rangers. Much to the surprise of the fans, team ownership and management the Eagles had one of the worst years in their recent history. Their record was 8-8 at year end. The team did not qualify for the playoffs.


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