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1995 - 2000

In 1995 by popular demand Blaine Stock is back in the Presidents' chair even more dynamic and full of ideas for Table social events the second time around. Harry Kramer is Secretary/ Treasurer and Mike Trendler joins the Management Committee

The Lincoln Table began the year with twenty-six members and guests at the Club Table Ball. The usual Table crowd turned out plus the Shepards, Stamms, the Arms and long- time Table member Charlie Case and his wife Marjory.

On April 29 Blaine arranged an interesting afternoon and evening in Doylestown with a tour of the Mercer Museum and a tour and dinner at Byers Choice, manufacturers of Caroler figurines. Robert Byer and his wife Joyce were hosts at the dinner catered by Francis of Chestnut Hill with thirty-four members and guests attending this gala evening.

In May the Union League sponsored a Devon House Show night with several Lincoln Table members attending including the Manthorpes, Feehrers and Arnolds with wine and a box supper supplied by the League.

On July 22, 1995 thirty-eight members and guest enjoyed the hospitality of John and Carol Asher at their summer home on the Bay in Avalon. It was a warm day and the younger crowd had a swim in the pool. The party was a first-class affair with delicious hors d'oeuvers and a catered dinner.

On September 16 several Table couples attended Blaine Stocks 65th birthday celebration at his home The Stockyard in Ambler. Members at our table included the John Ashers, the Stamms, the Graves and the Arnolds.

On October 28 another black tie dinner and dancing at Geoff and Saundra Shepards' handsome home in Swarthmore with the ball room on the third floor. Twenty-eight couples attended this gala affair with Phil and Mary Russo and Al and Ann Schwacke and Roger and Marion Arnold at one table.

In December the annual Christmas lunch and meeting with the Christmas Table dinner held in the Lincoln Memorial Room a couple nights later with thirty-six attendees. Lots of good cheer and carols featuring the Twelve Days of Christmas conducted by Sandy Manthorpe and her bells.

1995 was a big news year on the National scene. Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, the first time in forty years the Republicans had controlled the House of Representatives. There were thirty more Republican Governors of States with Ridge in Pennsylvania and Whitman in New Jersey. Rick Santorum was the new Junior Senator from Pennsylvania.

In April of 1995, the Federal building in Oklahoma was blown up with a heavy loss of lives. The terrorist was an U.S. citizen upset by the disaster at WACO. In October O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the murder of his wife Nicole and a friend Goldman - suspected jury nullification and a travesty of justice. In November the Israel Prime Minister was assassinated by a young Israeli unhappy with Rabins' cooperation with the Palestines. The DOW climbed 35% to 5l17.

In 1996 Blaine Stock continued as President of the Table and Ross Feehrer joined the Management Committee. The annual Union League Open House saw a large contingent of Lincoln Table members including the Stocks, Ashers, Beckers, Michies, Cases and Arnolds among others. Spencer Manthorpe, a Director and Paul Heintz, a Vice President were resplendent in their gray formal pants and morning coats.

The theme of the Club Table Ball in January was "A Space Odyssey" with ten Lincoln Table couples attending with the usual crowd plus a new member Chris Gleeson and his wife Bonnie.

On May 5 Ed and Amy Borer hosted a Lincoln Table afternoon event at their lovely horse farm and historic farmhouse in DuPont country near Longwood Gardens. Thirty members and guests enjoyed the camaraderie and refreshments. In June the Table sponsored a trip to Winterthur, the handsome DuPont home and museum with hundreds of rooms full of antiques. Dinner followed the tour at Mendenhall Inn.

September featured a trip to Washington D.C. with several couples staying at the famous Willard Hotel. The Lincoln Table guests drove around the city in a van visiting the White House and the State Department. Geoff and Saundra Shepard, former White House interns in the Nixon era handled the details of the D.C. visit

The October Ladies lunch is always a big hit with members' wives. In 1996 Blaine Stock and Spencer Manthorpe attended with their wives Peggy and Sandy and four hundred other women. Also in October the Table sponsored an outing at the Battle of Germantown where costumed Revolutionary soldiers carry out mock battles. Following the enactment the group enjoyed dinner at a local country club. .

Dan Michie arranged for a batch of Lincoln Table standard ties and bow ties from London and Geoff Shepard provided jewelry with Table insignia - cuff links for the men, ladies pins and earrings and lapel pins for the boutonniere. All items are available for sale to members.

In December, the Table held the annual meeting and Christmas lunch with the election of officers. Spencer Manthorpe became President and Dianne Reed, Secretary/Treasurer with Darrell DeMoss the latest member of the Management Committee. Thirty-eight members attended the meeting when we voted to merge with the Union League Table bringing in twelve new members. Our Table member roster now totalled 82. The Union League Table members are Douglas Cook, Peter Cuddihy, Len Distasio, Dr. Robert Gill, William Hahn, Jerome Mallon, Dan McGill, Hal Miller, Seymour Page, Jr., Hobart Pollard Jr., Ted Ricker Jr., William Suplee III. The Table dinner took place two nights later in the McMichael Room melding the two tables with much merriment and good cheer. Keith and Nancy Beale entertained the guests with Christmas carols.

1996 was another eventful year starting with a blizzard and thirty inches of snow effectively slowing down the East Coast for two days. President Clinton was under siege with Special Proscutor Starr investigating Whitewater, Filegate and Travelgate. Starr obtained convictions of Governor Guy Tucker of Arkansas and the McDougals. Locally John DuPont , eccentric heir, shot and killed his wrestling coach tenant. TWA Flight 800 blows up over Long Island Sound on its way to Paris with no survivors. A bomb explodes in a central Atlanta Park during the summer Olympics. President Clinton wins a second term election defeating Bob Dole under a cloud of scandal. The DOW closes at 6448.

On New Years Day 1997 several Lincoln Table couples enjoyed the hospitality of Ross and Pat Feehrer at the Willow, their handsome new home on the Brandywine River.

The Academy Ball, an annual white tie formal, is held the end of January to raise funds to support the Academy Hall was attended by several Lincoln Table couples including the Stocks, Ashers, Beckers, Feehrers, Hocks, Vockels, Phelans and Arnolds The evening began with an orchestra concert at the Academy Hall and ended at the Bellevue with a late dinner and dancing to five orchestras until two-thirty in the morning.

On February ll, 1997 the Union League celebrated the 135th Anniversary of President Lincoln's birthday at a lunch in Lincoln Hall featuring James Earl Jones as speaker. The Lincoln Table occupied two tables of twelve for this event.

The weekend of March 27 several Table couples journeyed to the Tides Inn for an overnight stay and then on to Williamsburg for a Virginia outing. The Historian did not attend so details of the festivities are missing.

On June 29 Phil and Mary Russo hosted a Spring social at their lovely home in Devon near the historic St. David's Episcopal Church. Sixteen members and guest turned out for horseshoes, volleyball and lots of refreshments and good company. Among the attendees were the Suplees, Hocks, Manthorpes, Stocks and Arnolds, father and son Rob.

In September we visited the Colonal Plantation with dinner at Edgmont Country Club attended by a small group of Table members, the Stocks, Hocks, Suplees, Manthorpes and Arnolds. In October we had another visit to Ed and Amy Borers' Fair Meadow Farm in DuPont country. More than twenty members and guests enjoyed the Borers hospitality with walks around the historic farmhouse and barns. On November 1 the Union League Fall Ball had an excellent attendance with thirty Table members and guests.

At the annual meeting and Christmas lunch Spencer Manthorpe and Dianne Reed were elected for another term of one year and William Suplee III joined the Management team. The Christmas dinner was held in the McMichael Room with several tables of members and spouses. At our table were Art and Nancy Broll, Jay Oberdorf and Sean Kennedy. Sandy Manthorpe livened up the party with a rendition of the twelve days of Christmas and a songfest was led by Jay Oberdorf and the lovely voice of Nancy Broll

In 1997 Stewart Vockel joined the Lincoln Table and became a regular at lunch and with his wife Pam at couples'social events. We need more new members like Stewart Vockel who regularly attends the Table for lunch. The DOW closed at 7908, up 20% in the year.

The 1998 social season began with the Club Table Ball featuring the theme "The Land of Oz". We mustered three Lincoln Tables with thirty-six attendees and a fine showing of Lincoln top hats on the dance floor. This was the thirteenth Club Table Ball and always an outstanding success.

The Spring Ball was attended by the Trendlers, father, and son escorting the lovely Erin from Kansas, his future bride. Also in the party the Stocks, Hocks, Ashers and the Arnolds. The Spring and Fall Balls at the Union League are standard features of the Lincoln Table social season.

The end of May several Table couples attend Glenn Beckers 50th Birthday party, a first class affair. In July the Larkins hosted another of their Night in Venice costume parties in Ocean City. The Larkin family and guests usually win a prize for creativity

On August 22 the Lincoln Table summer social was held at Ross and Pat Feehrer's beautiful home the Willow situated on a bend of the Brandywine River on a 45-acre spread. It was a lovely affair catered with great food and libation. The party lasted until the wee hours with several Members around the pool discussing the affairs of State and especially those of President Clinton

Lincoln Table lunch attendees are sparse but steady. Regulars include Bill Suplee and Charlie Case, Spencer Manthorpe, Stu Vockel and Roger Arnold. On Tuesdays you can usually count on Mike Trendler and on Fridays when the Philadelphia orchestra is playing Walter and Mary Jane Gallagher are at the Table. Other occasional attendees include Ken Hill, Paul Heintz, Len Distasio, Jim Larkin and others..

Table attendance has been a problem in the 1990's as fewer law firms and business headquarters are located in the immediate vicinity of the Union League. Many efforts have been made by several Table Presidents to increase table attendance at lunch with little success so we continue with two, three and sometimes four table members on Monday and Tuesday and fewer table participants the remainder of the week.

The Fall Formal at the League was well attended by the Lincoln Table. Blaine Stock's Ambler group was out in force and my Table mates included the Vockels, the Gleesons, the Trendlers, including son Tray and Erin and daughter Chris and husband Pat Sweeney.

On December 14 at the annual meeting and Christmas lunch Michael Trendler Jr. was elected President with Dianne Reed as Secretary/Treasurer. Chris Gleeson was elected the newest member of the Management Committee. On December 16 the Lincoln Table couples dinner was held in our favorite room Lincoln Memorial with President Lincoln's statue overseeing the festivities. Forty members and spouses were present.

1998 was a year of chaos and scandal on the political scene. Clinton's Whitewater real estate dealings were under investigation by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr when Linda Tripp came forth with tapes revealing sex in the Oval Office involving President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a twenty-one year old intern. The President lied, stonewalled for six months and finally admitted the affair on national television. He lied in testimony before two grand juries and was impeached by the House of Representatives in December of 1998. The good news in 1998 was the stock market which raced ahead with a few set backs to close at 9183, another 20% gain.

January 1999 began with the Impeachment Trial in the Senate of William Jefferson Clinton. The House Managers led by Henry Hyde of Illinois did an excellent job but they did not have the honest cooperation of Senate Leaders Trent Lott and Democrat Tom Daschle. The trial ended with the Senate voting 50 guilty and 50 not guilty lacking the two-thirds vote necessary to remove the President.

The Union League social season began with the Club Table Ball. This year's theme was the "Sinking of the Titantic". The Lincoln Table was represented by forty-eight members and guests at four tables. This was the 14th annual Ball with Lincoln Hall filled to capacity.

The Academy Ball the end of January was attended by thirty Lincoln Table members and guests. It was a gala white tie affair with the Philadelphia Orchestra performing in Academy Hall and a dinner dance following at the Bellevue. The Stocks, Ashers, Beckers, Arnolds, Phelans and Vockels among others dined and danced the night away.

The Lincoln Day program this year was co-chaired by Spencer Manthorpe featuring Hugh Sidley, a presidential raconteur. After the luncheon more than a hundred League members including a large contingent from the Lincoln Table marched a mile and a half to the Lincoln statue on Kelly Drive for a wreath-laying ceremony.

Table membership in 1999 is now at 83 members. Continuing the customary push for Table participation at lunch President MikeTrendler promotes Tuesday with some success. Another innovation is Spouse Day once a month on Thursday. The first Spouse Day on March 4 included Peggy and Blaine Stock, Carol Asher, Fran and Mike Trendler.

The end of April featured a Lincoln Table social at Anne Donato's family home in Chestnut Hill. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the pool house location on a hill overlooking Fairmont Park and the Wissahickon Valley, a beautiful setting. More than forty members turned out for this outing.

The Spring Ball was sparsely attended. Only eight Lincoln Table members and guests were at the dinner dance. The only memorable event was a League member from another Table brought his one-year old baby who sat in a high chair on the edge of the dance floor. Three Lincoln Table members protested that unseemly practice with letters to the rules committee. As a result the League now offers baby sitters at major dinner/dance events.

The Lincoln Table summer social was held at John and Carol Asher's lovely home on the Bay in Avalon. Forty-two members and guests attended this delightful catered event with an abundance of food, drink and comradery. Several members engaged in a vigorous game of shuffleboard. An amusing anecdote occurred in an hour-long traffic jam on the way to Avalon. Sandy and Spencer Manthorpe traveling with the Arnolds noticed a Lincoln directly in front of us contained Bob and Anita Graves. We had a long chat while waiting for the traffic to get underway.

The theme of the Fall Ball on November 1999 was "Jade East". Waitresses and attendants were appropriately attired with straw conical hats for headdress. The hors d'oeuvres of sushi and other Far East delicacies appealed to many of our members. Lincoln Table regulars at the Ball included the Stocks. Beckers, Stamms, Arnolds, Trendlers, Manthorpes, Feehers, Vockels and the Brad Mills, a new member in 1999

The Fairmont Park Holiday House Tour on Sunday December 5 was an outstanding success. Management Committee member William Suplee arranged the tour of four Historic Fairmont Park Mansions decorated for Christmas. Twenty-two members and spouses met at the Union League for brunch and were transported to Fairmont Park by bus.

The annual Lincoln Table meeting and Christmas lunch on December 13 was attended by thirty-two members. Mike Trendler was elected Table President for his second term. Ed Bantlow was nominated to replace Diane Reed as Treasurer. Stewart Vockel became the new member on the management committee and Table dues were increased to $75.00 per year.

On December 15 the annual Table Christmas dinner was attended by fifty-two members and guests. The usual crowd turned out minus a few regulars due to the flu bug.

On Tuesday evening December 28, 1999 twenty Lincoln Table members joined fifty other guests on Marion Arnold's entertainment list for a "Get Ready for the Millenium" party at Aronimink Golf Club. It was a festive event with Aronimink decorated in its holiday finery and a great time was had by all.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday December 30, 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000 several Table couples checked into the Sheraton Society Hill hotel near the Delaware River water front and Old Bookbinders restaurant to celebrate the new Millenium. The City had events every hour of the day on Friday from a run up the Museum steps at 7AM to the mass wedding for 600 couples at the Convention Center conducted by Mayor Rendell and his wife Judge Rendell in the afternoon. New Years Eve dinner at Old Bookbinders was hosted by Lois May Moody for Lincoln Table members and her many friends. The Arnolds, Manthorpes, Trendlers, Suplees, Hahns, Vockels, Stocks, John Ashers, and Robert Ashers enjoyed the evening.. A delicious six-course dinner featuring Shrimp, Crabmeat and Lobster appetizer, Lobster Bisque soup, Champagne Sorbet, Salad, Surf and Turf, Ice Cream Truffle and a variety of deserts. All this with open bar, music, dancing and a spectacular fireworks display on the Delaware River at midnight for $500 a couple. It was a memorable event to welcome the year 2000.

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