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1990 - 1995

The Decade of the 1990's opened with Blaine Stock, President of the Lincoln Table and with Harry Kramer as Secretary/ Treasurer. The management committee consisted of Ed Borer, James Larkin and Dan Michie. Blaine Stock proposed an active social calendar for the Lincoln Table members and spouses. We started on January 27 with a good turn out for the Club Table Ball. This was followed with a Lincoln Birthday dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room with fifty members and guests.

On April 10 James Getty impersonating President Lincoln entertained fifteen Table members and guests. On May 19 a bus trip to New York City for a performance of the Grand Hotel on Broadway with dinner at the Doral Court Hotel was enjoyed by a bus load of Table members and guests.

August 27 was Lincoln Table Links Day at the Commonwealth National Golf Club hosted by Frank Iaquinto. On September 12, thirty some members and guests enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Delaware river. Our ship was the ill-fated Empress of Palm Beach which sank at her mooring less than a month after the Table excursion.

December brought another round of festivities with our annual meeting and Christmas lunch in the Oak Room. The next day Robert Flood was installed as President of the Union League. Our annual Christmas party with thirty couples in attendance was held in the Lincoln Memorial Room.

In 1991 Blaine Stock continued as President with Harry Kramer as Secretary/Treasurer, and Ken Hill joined the Management Committee. We began the year with the traditional Union League Open House and the Club Table Ball featured the usual Lincoln Table crowd including the Manthorpes, Stocks, Beckers and Arnolds among others.

On President Lincoln's birthday James Hume, a former Nixon speechwriter was the Speaker. Sculptor Raymond Barger presented a massive bust of Abraham Lincoln to the League gifted by Lincoln Table member Robert Byers.

June 14 featured another golf outing at Commonwealth National attended by our host Frank Iaquinto, Robert Phelan, Gene McWilliams, Alan Dougherty, and the Arnold boys, Gene and Roger.

On December 9 at the annual meeting Dan Michie was elected President of the Table and on December 17 we celebrated the season with fifty members and guests at a gala dinner with much merriment and many Christmas carols.

In 1992 Dan Michie was President of the Table with Harry Kramer continuing as Secretary/ Treasurer. The Management Committee consisted of James Larkin, Fred Blumberg and Ken Hill. The Table waitress Dolores W. had retired and we were now served by Marge Wilson. Dan Michie was a dedicated taskmaster who assigned members as Table hosts on specific days of the week.

In January the Lincoln Table was well represented at a Union League lunch featuring Ed Rendell the new Mayor of Philadelphia and an honorary League member. The Club Table Ball that same weekend drew the usual Table crowd including the Larkins, Manthorpes, Stocks, Bauers and Trendlers. A great time was had with 260 people in attendance and several couples on the dance floor wearing Lincoln stove pipe hats. The February President Lincoln birthday lunch was an all League affair attended by twenty Table members.

The second annual Table fishing trip was held on July 23. Al Schwacke, Spencer Manthorpe, Jim Larkin and guests Jim Larkin Sr. and Dick Brylinski ventured 30 miles off the Atlantic City coast aboard the Aqua Knot, a 42' Hatteras, in search of tuna. Al Schwacke caught a dolphin fish, Spencer Manthorpe caught a 30-pound tuna that put up a good fight. The weather was perfect, the sea was calm and the sun was shining bright. After the fishing trip, a cocktail reception was held at the Larkins' bay front home in Ocean City, New Jersey.

The end of August Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe hosted another of their famous picnics at their home in Media. Forty Lincoln Table members and guests enjoyed volleyball, horseshoes, a dunk in the pool and a sumptuous feast.

In August Bob Graves served as host at a Prospective Member Reception. Of the 30 League members attending, 16 were from the Lincoln Table.

In October Dan Michie arranged for a combined Table lunch with Lincoln and Independence Tables featuring James Hume, author and speechwriter for Nixon and Reagan's White House - his topic "Confessions of a White House Ghost Writer. The November Fall Ball was attended by Table members the Roger Arnolds, the Rob Arnolds, the Spencer Manthorpes, the Robert Phelans and recently engaged Jim and Judy Larkin.

At the Christmas Table annual meeting and lunch our guests included Arthur Broll, Jr., Roy Hock and Rick Craft, all future members of the Lincoln Table. On December 15 forty-nine people attended the Christmas dinner featuring Joe Jovanely, the jovial accordionist.

Some national events in the early 1990's included the Gulf War where President Bush drew his "his line in the sand" and fought a successful war against Iraq to free Kuwait. In November of 1992 the electorate elected William Jefferson Clinton with Al Gore serving as Vice President. The U.S. suffered the nation's first major terrorist bombing of the World Trade Towers in NYC -five people were killed and 1000 wounded with extensive damage to the area.

President Clinton's tax the rich plan passed the Democratically controlled House 218 to 216 with not a single affirmative vote from the Republican House members. The fiasco at WACO Texas was mishandled by Attorney General Janet Reno where eighty woman and children were burned to death including David Gorasch, the religious fanatic who headed the Compound.

In 1992 John and Robert Asher joined the Table sponsored by Blaine Stock. Eugene Arnold, former President of the Table, retired from Hopper Soliday and resigned from the Union League and the Lincoln Table. We miss Gene at the lunch table along with his corny and interesting jokes.

1994 began with 58 members enrolled on the Lincoln Table roster. The January weather was a disaster with very cold temperatures and a series of ice storms rendering transportation next to impossible. Ken Hill was President of the Table with Harry Kramer continuing as Secretary/ Treasurer and Geoff Shepard joining the Management Committee.

The Club Table Ball theme in January of 1994 "A Winter Wonderland" was appropriately named. We had an excellent turnout of thirty-six members and guests forming three Lincoln Tables with stovepipe top hats in abundance on the dance floor.

The end of May featured a Spring picnic hosted by Diane and Ted Reed in their beautiful backyard on Allens Lane in the city of Philadelphia. On June 18 James Larkin married Judith Brylinski with many Lincoln Table members in attendance including the Michies, Manthorpes, Graves and the Arnolds.

In July several Table couples attended the Larkin's party in Ocean City on Venice night where decorated boats parade up and down the inner waterways. Always a great party with this years' affair attended by the Arnolds, Manthorpes, Graves and Michies. An overnight drama occurred with a small fire in the laundry room at the Flanders Hotel where Table guests stayed. Everyone but the Arnolds were hustled out of the building on fire escapes in the middle of the night. The Arnolds residing on the fifth floor didn't hear the alarm and slept through the event.

New members in 1994 include Walter Gallagher, Richard Stamm, Rick Craft, Roy Hock and Sean Kennedy. Table attendance at lunch is becoming a problem with fewer Members working within walking distance of the League House and only a few present. Lunch regulars in this era include Dick Nance, Jim Larkin, Bob Graves, Charlie Case, Roger Arnold, Blaine Stock and Ken Hill. If three of us attend at one sitting, it's a big day!

The Table Christmas lunch was poorly attended with only twenty members and ten guests. Jack Arms and Stuart Alden were introduced as new members of the Table. A couple nights later forty-seven members and guests turned out for a festive Christmas dinner featuring a pianist and singer. The League House decked out in its Christmas finery lends a great atmosphere to the holiday season.

National news in 1994 - former President Nixon died at 81 and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died at 63. O.J. Simpson murdered his ex wife Nicole and was acquitted. Haiti was taken over by U.S. forces in a bloodless operation arranged by former President Jimmie Carter.. President Clinton was charged with sex crimes in the Paula Jones law -suit. Republicans win November election in a landslide taking over both the House and the Senate. The DOW closes the year at 3835.

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