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1985 - 1990

In 1985 President Stan Root was at the helm of the Union League Club and Eugene Arnold, President and Roger Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer spark plugged the Lincoln Table. In this era it was not uncommon for eight to ten members and sometimes as many as fourteen to attend our daily lunch. Our official roster totaled 45 members

Regulars at lunch in those days included Mark Dresden, Alan Dougherty, Fred Tucker, Eugene Arnold and the Hopper Soliday gang - Ed Borer, Chuck Boyd and Charles Case, also Roger Arnold and son Rob, Bob Graves, Blaine Stock and many more. Geoff Shepard also joined the Table in 1985.

On February 12, 1985 the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Lincoln Table in 1935 was held in the Lincoln Memorial Room. It was a gala evening and in spite of inclement weather 50 members and wives attended with six cancellations due to the road conditions. A magician entertained during cocktail hour and a pianist played background music throughout dinner. DeHaven Develin, our Table Historian remarked on the origin and highlights of our Table history. Six months later he died.

Members and wives attending the celebration included Eugene and Hazel Arnold, Roger and Marion Arnold, Charles and Marjory Case, Everett and Jean Clymer, Daltroff and Vicky Shields, Charles and Peggy Kauffman, David and Ann Simpson, Dan and Barbara Michie, Alan and Gail Dougherty, Chuck and Beverly Boyd, Bob and Anita Graves Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe, William and Betty Wright, Richard and Nancy Harris, Charles and Cora Howsen . Dolores, our Table waitress and Ann, North Marble room hostess, Roy and Illush Camerson, Mark and Carol Dresden, Paul and Jane Heintz, Ed and Amy Borer, Alex and Nancy Sarcione, Fred and Mary Tucker, Robert and Jill Nesher, Philip and Anne Petronis, Kevin and Betsy Donahue, Al and Anne Schwacke, Blaine and Peggy Stock

DeHaven Develin, our Historian - On Union League Board of Directors 1952-1954 and 1956-1958. Member of the Union League and Lincoln Table 1944-1985. Updated Lincoln Table history to March 1984. He was father-in-law of Table member Paul Heintz. The Table donated $100 to the Library Fund in his honor.

On May 13, 1985 Mayor Goode authorized the bombing of the MOVE rowhouse and thirty adjoining rowhouses went up in flames. Eight MOVE residents including children perished in the fire.

On November 19, 1985 another Lincoln Table social was held at the Dougherty home in Malvern.

On December 16 Christmas lunch was held in the Lincoln Library Lounge. Thirty -two members and guests attended with plenty of good cheer and comradery among members

The second Table Hop in January of 1986 was sparsely attended by four Lincoln Table members and wives, the Roger Arnolds, the Manthorpes, Cases and Wrights, We proudly wore our Lincoln stove pipe hats and gained instant recognition.

President Lincoln's birthday lunch in February at the Union League was to have featured a New York actor reciting the Gettysburg address. He cancelled due to a snowstorm and Roger Arnold was asked to substitute. Arnold on cue, costumed with beard and top hat as Lincoln slowly entered the Hall to the surprise of many attendees and read the Gettysburg address. Table members attending the luncheon included Bob Graves, Phil Petronis and Ron Pennebaker.

A special Table lunch was held on April 29 in the Meredith Room with 27 attendees summoned to hear the views of Union League management on admitting woman to League membership. Ed Jones, Vice President of the League gave the speech encouraging us to vote affirmatively. Longtime member Joe Williamson insisted on paying for everyone's lunch. A vote of League members on May 19, 1986 admitted woman as League members. Robert Wilder was President of the League in 1986 and engineered this historic vote.

On September 2, 1986 the Lincoln Table was moved to the corner in the North Marble Room formerly occupied by the Windy Corner Table. This location has served us adequately over the years. Regular lunch members in this year included James Cavanaugh, Phil Mulligan, Dick Nace, Richard Billings, Ned Phillips, Dick Keenan, Fred Tucker, Ken Hill, Jack Hankins, Roger Arnold and the Hooper Soliday crowd - Gene Arnold, Ed Borer, Chuck Boyd and Charles Case.

On November 20, 1986 the Table had a farewell lunch for Shields Daltroff, a veteran Table member retiring from Philadelphia Electric. Fellow PECO executives Jack Hankins and Joe Kowalski attended. Daltroff moved to Colorado.

On December 15 the annual Christmas lunch was attended by thirty-six members and guests. On December 18 the Christmas dinner with spouses was held in the Lincoln Memorial Room where forty members enjoyed the piano music of Steven Belfer and sang Christmas Carols. Mike and Fran Trendler, new members, attended for the first time.

In 1987 Lou Klauder was President of the Union League. Eugene Arnold continued as President of the Lincoln Table and Roger Arnold as Secretary and Treasurer with 56 Table Members.

The third annual Table Hop on January 9 , a Cruise to Nowhere, was attended by the Roger Arnolds, Robert Arnolds, Blaine Stocks, the Roxbys and the Kaufmans.

President Lincoln's birthday lunch was held in the Memorial Room with forty-three reservations and only thirty-one attendees due to the light snow and hazardous driving conditions. The Gettysburg address was recited to honor the occasion.

The President of the League asked Roger Arnold to take over as Chairman of the Membership Development Committee. In addition to recruiting for the League, the position was useful in recruiting worthwhile new members for the Lincoln Table. One prime example was the recruitment of Blaine Stock, a longtime member of the League with no Table affiliation. Blaine has contributed greatly to the Lincoln Table serving as President for a total of two terms and four years.

On April 25, 1987 the 125th Anniversary of the Union League was celebrated with a formal dinner. Two Lincoln Tables with twenty-four attendees included the Manthorpes, Trendlers, Graves, Blumbergs, Kaufmans and Naces.

Regulars at lunch in 1987 included Fred Tucker, Blaine Stock, Charlie Case, Jim Larkin and the Hopper Soliday gang. Gene and Roger Arnold were there most every day. Other regulars included Paul Heintz, Glen Becker, Alan Dougherty, Dick Keenan, Ron Pennebaker, Al Schwacke and Jack Hankins. It was normal to see ten or twelve Members at the lunch table in this era.

October events included a baseball night at Veterans Stadium with a turnout of fourteen Members. Among the Fall Ball guests were the Joe Kowalskis, the Charles Kaufmans and the Roger Arnolds.

On October 19, 1987 the stock market crashed, down 508 points -22.6 % to 1738

November 14, 1987 Geoff and Sandra Shepard hosted a Lincoln Table formal dinner dance in their spacious mansion and ballroom in Swarthmore. Thirty-six members and guests attended. It was an elegant affair and an enjoyable evening.

On November 16 at another event celebrating our 125th Anniversary the Union League Club's highest honor, the Gold Metal was awarded to then Vice President George Bush in recognition for his many services to our nation. It was a gala black tie dinner at the League House with such an overflow of participants that the award ceremony was held in the nearby Academy of Music.

The Christmas lunch on December 14 was held in the Oak Room with forty-eight members and guests in attendance, the largest turnout of members to date. At the polls on this date David Auten was elected President of the Union League.

For the Christmas dinner on December 17 fifty members and guests signed up and only thirty-eight attended. After dinner the Roger Arnolds, the Spencer Manthorpes, and Fred Blumbergs adjourned for an after-dinner drink at the Happy Rooster Bar near the League House. The Rooster Bar is known for the high-priced drinks and costly cigars. Sandy Manthorpe has ruled out any future visits to the Rooster Bar as the cost of Spencer's cigar exceeded twenty dollars.

The January 1, 1988 Open House at the League was attended by several Lincoln Table members and spouses, all enjoying the great traditional food and songfest in the corridor near the Broad Street entrance. The Mummers Day crowd and the bands parading up Broad Street contributed to the festivities.

On February 12, 1988 thirty-six members and guests celebrated President Lincoln's birthday in the Lincoln Memorial Room featuring Reverend Nobel Smith, Rector of the Oxford Trinity Church. Among those in attendance were Ralph Roberts of Comcast, Dan Butler, Geoff Shepard, Bob Graves, Phil Bauer and Blaine Stock.

The Table roster now totaled 61 Members. Our daily lunch crowd averaged eight to ten members including regulars Spencer Manthorpe, Gene Arnold, Ed Borer, Charles Case, Chuck Boyd, Dick Nace, Fred Blumberg, Jim Larkin, Blaine Stock and Roger Arnold. In 1988 we were saddened by the death of two long time Members Charles Kauffman and David Simpson. Both of these men were Table members for more that twenty-five years and were prominent in Table affairs.

In February of 1988 the fourth annual Table Hop, with the theme "Putting on the Ritz", was attended by three Lincoln Tables with thirty-six members and spouses for a most enjoyable evening of dinner and dancing.

June1 was baseball night at Veterans Stadium with our host Ron Pennebaker providing the corporate Sky Box with beer, hotdogs and all the fixings. Fourteen Lincoln Table fans attended including a couple members with sons.

On September 20, 1988 Sir John Templeton of the Templeton Fund addressed the Union League. He was the leading financial guru of the decade and astounded us all by predicting a DOW in the 6000 range in less than ten years. Members at the Lincoln Table included Eugene Arnold, Blaine Stock, Glen Becker, Charles Case, Alan Dougherty, Dan Michie, Gene McWilliams, Joe Kowalski, Dick Nace, Chuck Boyd, Paul Heintz and Roger Arnold.

A special Table meeting on September 26 was attended by twenty-five Members. This was to review and approve the Lincoln Table By-Laws formulated by a committee consisting of Dan Michie, Chairman, Fred Blumberg, Ed Borer, Jim Larkin and Blaine Stock. The slate of Table officials nominated for 1989 consisted of Roger Arnold, President, and Blaine Stock, Secretary and Treasurer. The Management Committee consisted of Harry Kramer-one year term, Dan Michie-two year term, Ed Borer-three year term. Annual Dues of $40 were authorized plus an additional charge of $12 as every member received an attractive tie with President Lincoln's image interwoven in the fabric of the tie.

In November of 1988 George Herbert Walker Bush won the presidential election decisively by a 54 to 48 margin. President Elect Bush named Texas lawyer James Baker as his Secretary of State.

At the annual meeting on December 12, 1988 fifty members and guests turned out for a festive Christmas lunch. The slate of officers proposed at the Special Meeting in September was approved with Roger Arnold, President and Blaine Stock, Secretary and Treasurer. The Lincoln Table membership was very much a factor in Roger Arnolds' election to the Union League Board of Directors for a three-year term

1989 was the 54th year since the Lincoln Table was founded in 1935. We were an active Table with sixty members on the roster. Our new management structure consisting of President and Secretary/Treasurer supplemented by a management team consisting of three members, each serving a three-year term was a great help in planning future social events. The By Laws also mandated that the President's term should not exceed two years.

The annual Table Hop featured the theme "Inaugural Ball" was attended by two hundred people and three Lincoln Tables of twenty-four members and spouses including the Cases, Boyds, Manthorpes, Trendlers, Stocks, Bauers, Beckers, Kramers and Arnolds.

On February 13, 1989 the Table hosted the birthday lunch in the Lincoln Memorial Room with our patron saints statue overlooking the gathering of thirty members and guests.

On April 14 one of the last Quad dinner dances with a Hawaiian motif was held at the League attended by the Stocks, Beckers, Gunns and Arnolds. The Quad was a popular League social event with an abundant buffet table and a dance band usually held in the Oak Room.

On May 1, a special Lincoln Table lunch was held on Law Day featuring Charles Peruto, a famous Philadelphia trial lawyer. His topic was "The Awful Burden of Truth". The program was arranged by Dan Michie with thirty-six members attending including guests from the Independence Table.

In July a Chesapeake Crab dinner in Lincoln Hall was attended by several Table members including the Manthorpes and Arnolds. Spencer and Marion pounded hard shell crabs at special tables but that was too much trouble for Roger and Sandy who enjoyed crab cakes and assorted sea food at the buffet table

On July 13, 1989 the Table sponsored another baseball night at the Vet. Fourteen Table members enjoyed the libation, food and ballgame including Eugene and Roger Arnold, Dan Michie, Fred Blumberg and our host Ron Pennebaker.

On December 11 at the annual meeting and Christmas lunch of the Lincoln Table Blaine Stock was elected President. Roger Arnold had too many duties as Director of the League and Chairman of Membership Development and member of other League committees to devote full time to another year as President of the Lincoln Table.

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