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1980 - 1985

The Lincoln Table's first recorded history was compiled by DeHaven Develin and published for members in 1984. Roger Arnold will cover the subsequent twenty-six years from 1980-2006 with events chronicled in diaries kept daily over the past twenty-six years. It should be apparent that this is one member's view describing events and social occasions that I attended.

On February 29, 1980 Roger Arnold joins the Lincoln Table proposed by Carroll Goodman. This was an important event in my life as the Union League and the Lincoln Table was instrumental in many close friendships and interesting activities over the years. Some of the members I met in 1980 were William Wright, Spencer Manthorpe, Charles Luttrell, Eugene Arnold, Brooks Diver, Alan Dougherty and Charles Howser.

That same year several Lincoln Table members including the Arnolds met future President Ronald Reagan at a fund- raising event held in Lincoln Hall at the League.

In the early 1980 Quad parties were featured at the League with some regularity, customarily held on Friday nights. A buffet table was set in the corridor near the 15th Street entrance with tables for dinner and dancing in the Oak Room. Lincoln Hall was used for the popular Chesapeake Quad featuring crabs and an assortment of seafood. On June 17, 1980 the Manthorpes, Doughertys and the Arnolds enjoyed the occasion. On September 19 that year the Manthorpes, Wrights, O'Briens and Arnolds attended the Oyster dinner dance.

On December 20, 1980 the Lincoln Table Christmas lunch was held with 32 members and guests. The Christmas lunch was a festive occasion with many members in attendance not normally seen at the luncheon table on a daily basis. It was also a good opportunity to introduce guests as future members of the Table

On January 20, 1981 President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. Iran released the U. S. Embassy hostages. A new era of optimism was felt after the high interest rates and malaise of the Jimmy Carter Presidency.

On February ll, 1981 a Lincoln Table lunch in the Lincoln Memorial Room celebrated our Patron Saint's Birthday. David Simpson gave a talk on the religious beliefs of President Lincoln. This was in keeping with the Lincoln Table tradition of honoring his birthday.

On March 30, 1981 President Reagan was shot in Washington, DC. He was badly wounded but survived and made jokes about it asking the surgeon who operated on him if he were a Democrat or Republican. On May 13, 1981 the Pope was shot at the Vatican in Rome by a Greek terrorist and recovered slowly.

The Spring Formal brought out Lincoln Table members Ed Borer, Charles Case, Alan Dougherty, Mark Dresden, Jack Kennedy and Roger Arnold. The Fall Ball included some of the above plus the Manthorpes and Atchinsons.

In 1982 some of the frequent luncheon attendees at the Table included Eugene Arnold, Carroll Goodman, Spencer Manthorpe, Charles Case, Alan Dougherty, Ned Phillips, Jack Hankins, David Simpson, Charles Kaufman, and Ev Clymer.

On February 12 at the Lincoln Birthday lunch David Simpson gave a speech on the loves in the life of President Abraham Lincoln. Fred Tucker was introduced as a new member of the Lincoln Table.

On March 27, 1982 the first Lincoln Table members and wives dinner took place at Spencer and Sandy Manthorpes. Thirty-seven people attended for a most enjoyable evening. The Manthorpes large Victorian home in Media was an ideal setting for the party and more such events were planned for the future. On July 3 the same year another Table get together of members and spouses at Alan and Gail Dougherty's home and spacious grounds in Malvern. This occasion was a picnic with 24 people in attendance.

The Fall Formal at the Union League in 1982 featured both Upstairs in Lincoln Hall and Downstairs orchestras in the North Marble Room. The Lincoln Table members had a large table in the Marble Room. The event was memorable due to the fact that the Artie Singer band booked for the dance didn't show. We were entertained intermittently by a combo from the Bellevue Hunt Room and several instruments from the band in the Lincoln ballroom upstairs. This was the last of the two band formals at the League.

On December 15 at a Lincoln Table Christmas dinner party with thirty-eight members and wives attending at which time David Simpson gave a talk on the women who influenced the life and character of President Lincoln. On December 20 the Lincoln Table Christmas lunch was attended by forty members and guests

In 1983 another Table social event took place at the home of Spencer and Sandy Manthorpe. The picnic on July 9 with forty members and wives in attendance featured volleyball, horseshoes, a swim in the pool, plenty of good food and a great time.

A long-time member of the Lincoln Table Carroll Goodman died in 1983 at the age of 81. The Table honored his memory and that of Lewis Riggles with a hundred dollar donation to the Library Fund. This practice of donating money to the Library Fund in honor of deceased members is a continuing Table tradition.

On October 23 1983, 147 Marines were killed in Beirut Lebanon in a terrorist attack

On November 14 at the table were Gene Arnold, Roger Arnold, Ed Borer, Chuck Boyd,

Dan Michie, Charlie Case, Alan Dougherty, and Bob Graves in attendance. It was proposed that Eugene Arnold become President and Roger Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer.

Charles Howson Jr. who served as Table President from 1970 -1983 wanted relief and

Spencer Manthorpe, who served as Secretary/Treasurer from 1978-1983 was working in Harrisburg and rarely at the Table so on December 19 the new team was installed at the annual meeting. Twenty-eight members and guests attended this Christmas lunch meeting including new member Robert Graves and prospective member Blaine Stock. On December 14, 1983 the Lincoln Table Christmas party brought out forty members and wives for a festive dinner in the Lincoln Memorial Room with lots of carols and good cheer.

On January 5, 1984 Lincoln Table members were entertained at a Flyers hockey game in the CIGNA sky box at the Spectrum. Guests included Eugene Arnold, Ed Borer, Alan Dougherty, Bob Graves, Roger Arnold and Union League Manager James Lafferty.

On February 13 President Lincoln's birthday was celebrated by the entire League featuring Secretary of the Navy Lehman as speaker. Several Lincoln Table members attended including Blaine Stock and Ron Pennebaker , both future members.

On March 5 the Windy Corner Table proposed a merger with the Lincoln Table. After a discussion of the subject with President Gene Arnold and former Secretary Spencer Manthorpe we decided to remain independent. On April 3, 1984 The Lincoln Table moved to a larger table in the North Marble Room. This event was celebrated by Gene Arnold, Jack Hankins, Roger Arnold and Bob Graves who ordered champagne to commemorate the occasion.

On June 21 Lincoln Table members Charles Howson, Jr., DeHaven Develin, Eugene Arnold and Roger Arnold held a meeting to plan the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Lincoln Table in 1935.

On July 22, 1984 Bob and Anita Graves hosted a fabulous party under a hugh tent in their backyard in Berwyn beside their pool. Forty Tables members and wives enjoyed a delicious catered dinner with a combo providing background music. Among the guests were Ned Phillips, Alex Sarcione, Fred Tucker, Paul Heintz, Charles Howson, DeHaven Devlin, Charlie Case, Roy Cameron, Chuck Boyd, Fred Blumberg, Dan Michie and many more.

September 13 was baseball night at Veterans Stadium with Table members Gene Arnold, Bill Wright, Ed and son Ted Borer, Mark Dresden and his son, Charlie Case, Shields Daltroff and Dan Michie. Our host Ron Pennebaker provided the skybox and the refreshment.

On October 22, 1984 Charles Howsen longtime Table member resigned from the League and the Table. Unfortunately this seemed to be the custom, when a member retired, he resigned from the League and retired to the suburbs.

On November 6, 1984 President Ronald Reagan has landslide victory winning every State except Minnesota defeating Walter Mondale.

In November of the early 1980's the Table Secretary had the tedious job of preparing and sending out annual bills for membership in the Lincoln Table and dunning members who did not pay the $40 promptly. This was rectified in later years by upping the dues and having the League collect this amount on one of their monthly member bills.

Local Philadelphia news in 1984 saw the opening of the new railroad tunnel connecting the old Reading tracks with rail lines on the west side of the city. Credit for completion of the tunnel under the city on schedule and on budget goes to Mayor Frank Rizzo, our law and order Mayor and a former policeman.

On December 17, 1984 at the annual Lincoln Table Christmas lunch, thirty-five members and guests attended.

In the early 1980's the Table began the custom of treating dessert on the members' birthday for all those present. The practice continued for several years but was discontinued when it became obvious that it was not good for members fitness and health.

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